A Dream In Which I Died - Death - I Carried My Dead Body To The Ocean - My Girlfriend Cried - A Subtle Body Above Me That Spoke

Spiritual Dreams - January 12, 2015


2015.1.12. Dream.

Last night I dreamt that I died. My dead body was lying in the backseat of the car. I, or the consciousness that I associate with me, was driving. I was near the beach, so I pulled over and carried my limp, lifeless body to lie near a palm tree at the edge of the ocean. There was a girl with me. I think it was X [edit], a girlfriend from college. She placed some incense and candles near me. The candles appeared to be the floating type lanterns I've seen in movies set in Asia, so that when the high tide came in and took me out to sea, these lanterns would float out to sea with me. Perhaps their illumination is meant to guide my spirit. While we were still near my body, my spirit, or a subtle projection from the body, spoke down to us, or to her, from 50 feet up. I don't remember it's words.  X started to cry. I tried to calm her down. I forget what I said.


I don't recall ever having died in a dream before, or ever having carried my body. I told some people at work later that morning. One laughed; another stated that it meant that my old girlfriend is finally letting me go after all these years. But I think it has to do with the trauma of my current job assignment, with an abusive, micromanaging boss, too many staff and students to sustain, and a powerful cellular tower nearby that assaults me every second of the day. Who knows? I am sinking in more ways than one. The dream was not associated with any feelings of freedom or particular insight. It is very interesting that X was there. I haven't seen or spoken to her in a long time.

I would have recalled more details, but at 2:00am, or whatever time it was, and with a big day of work ahead of me, I didn't want to excite my nervous system too much with writing this all down in the middle of the night and risk not being able to go back to sleep.


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