Cultural Cricticism - Miscellaneous Commentaries

Cultural Criticism - Miscellaneous Commentaries


2015.7.10. Violent Crime Is Surging In Major U.S. Cities And The Economy Is Not Even Crashing Yet (pdf)


" ... I was speaking quite literally, this country has become very filthy in the past decade or so. On a basic level. Grimy, sticky, greasy. From the banks to the Post Offices to fucking Nieman Marcus. Not to mention the private homes of people who work 2-3 jobs and only have time to slop around some Pine Sol on the floor once every few years if that. ... "

I can tell you exactly what that is, it occurs when people stop caring about making the most of what they have, and stop doing things the best that they can, with what little they've got. Someone else will take care of it.

It's also associated with the disposable culture mindset. Especially how the shittier products become in shops, and the cheaper these crap shops are, and the shittier are the gadgets accepted to be, and thus become disposable and life-limited, simply because they are in fact cheap crap, that whole outlook begins to permeate the cultural psyche, and everything begins to be treated like cheap crap.

And the stuff that is in fact not cheap to replace, is also treated like disposable crap. Except it isn't. It becomes expensive crap, that looks like shit, is mistreated even more, valued less and fails sooner, and now it also can't be replaced.

Hence infrastructure decrepitude, and the failure to give a fuck to look after things that are relatively new, as we once did. We cheapened everything, including the things we as a result, can't afford anymore.

And not just the surroundings suffer, but all of the people also stop making the most of their minds and bodies, within that process. Hence fat, dopey slugs, with bad attitudes, and don't give a fuck.

This is all a product of chronic mediocrity setting in as we gradually lower our standards (even though we hate that fall in quality and expectations) and start to accept cheap faulty shitty goods, and really bad food, and poor service, and extremely dubious thinking.

It is all part of the sickening of the culture, and culture is just the minds of a collective, expressed into the world.

And what is expressed now is the grime, filth and smear, on all levels, because the inner life is sick and decayed.

This is of course not what will take humanity further.

But let's not nit-pick. It's also why the concept of "American Exceptionalism" seems so totally absurd and offensive now. It's clearly not any longer. It's capacity to impress used to be due to an admirable culture of motivation, innovation and making the most of what it could do, and what it could develop to do even more.

And that culture has become remote, rarefied, recessed, and is actively discouraged but what calls itself culture in its place. Which reinforces the proliferation of exceptional dumbness. Standards keep falling.

It's called DECADENCE and it precedes every empire's collapse.

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And what do all these cities with screaming crime rates have in common??

Collasping local economies and race baiting one party dictatorships....and throw on a huge helping of dogshit stupid illegals for every point on the compass and what do you get??

It's being done on purpose by the faculty lounge Marxist in the Out House - so no big surprise here.


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It's all of those microwave frequencies blasting us every nanosecond, the medication, the fluoridated water, the vaccines, the increasing amounts of GM food and whatever shit is being sprayed in the sky. But seriously microwave frequencies alter brain waves and affect your behaviour and mood. However because everyone is different then for many certain frequencies don't affect them while others do.

The best analogy is a strong earthquake striking a city block and all the buildings are standing except for one which has completely collapsed. Now why has this one building collapsed? Because it's natural frequencies corresponded with the earthquake's vibrations and this creates resonance which amplifies the shaking.

It's kind of the same with brain waves and microwaves. Oh yeah, DNA splits using processes of electromagnetism, so what happens when you have artificial EM waves bombarding the human body which deviate from standard (natural) EM activity? More cancer that's what.

It just goes to show how tough humans are, and nature itself, to withstand all of these interfering factors without keeling over and dying. But many hundreds of millions are suffering in some form or another from the above take your pick: depression, allergies, mood swings, weird aches and pains and last but not least procrastination- if you're brain waves are being scrambled like crazy then it becomes rather hard to concentrate.

Ever feel like brain has turned to mush for no good reason or it doesn't feel like there's anything coherent inside? That's the microwave frequencies- they subtly fuck with your mind.

Oh yes, last and not least I forgot about the phthalates in plastic. Phthalates are compounds which effect the softness/hardness tension/slackness in plastic and boy do they all sorts to human health! For instance they have been known to cause ADHD, breast cancer, obesity and type II diabetes, low IQ, neurodevelopmental issues, behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, altered reproductive development and male fertility issues.

The last two are particularly interesting because this is not confined to humans. This affects animals for a steadily growing, but small, minority of male animals are becoming feminized: there reproductive parts are damaged and sometimes non-existent. However scientists have not appeared to conduct any research into whether phthalates can alter sexual orientation in both animals and humans.

And ZHers wonder why there are so many faggots and metrosexuals out there... Probably the phthalates.

p.s. There is no escaping phthalates, there's so many dodgy ones that you have most certainly repeated touched or used plastic and products containing these blighters.

p.s.s Let me put it this way. Try taking plastic out of the economy, just think about that alright?


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Jews and Japanese-Americans were herded into camps only 70 years ago, they never acted like blacks. Tens of thousands of Scots-Irish living in Appalachia have no electricity or running water, they don't act like negros.


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The economy for many HAS been crashing, that's sort of the point. With less people working, it doesn't matter IF numbers go up, those numbers are representing less people. Even if you are represented by having a job, you are getting a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. People don't just start acting up when the overall economy crashes, it ticks up whenever more are under stress then before, and as time goes on, this number keeps going up and up. Each job lost or coming of age individual who doesn't enter the workforce is another potential stick of dynamite.

Our physical economy has been declining since the 60's. We saw great upticks in violence due to the dislocations cause by the effects (all related) of the Vietnam war, outsourcing jobs, but our physical economy has been falling hard this century. With no Glass-Steagall, our numbers don't need to be based on reality anymore.

People have no options, and we've raised a generation of people, say...those under 25 or so, that have learned no one is accountable for anything.

Think about it this way, the real crap show that has happened since 9/11 (though of course this has been happening since JFK died), the kids who were 4 years old, just graduated high school, those there were 8, just graduated college. For many accountability isn't something they've seen. They've seen everyone just crony along to get along, so now that they are adults who were told as children they were all winners, yet they feel the squeeze of not winning, they are mighty pissed off, and like who they saw behave badly all their life with almost everyone in an position of authority, these young adults aren't accountable like they weren't.

The TV shows they grew up on weren't Andy Griffith or I Love Lucy or Hogan's Heroes, it was Survivor with the backstabbing, the crazy out of touch with reality Kartrashians. If I could use one word to describe the average TV program a young person was exposed to this century, I'd use the word NARCISSISM. They grew up watching self-centered psychopaths be lauded as great and important people. We created a generation of narcissists.

They weren't given much freedom being coddled by their parents, and treated like prisoners in school.

They didn't get an education, the funding cuts, the cancelled programs, higher sports fees, the intimidation they received from those teaching or overseeing them, and they were all taught on the basis that they needed to pass a test because that would show other people that they 'learned' something.

So of course many don't have a proper education, because they cut everything to prepare them for a test. All you need is to look at the people who don't know what the fucking 1st amendment is, or when Abraham Lincoln was our president, or what country we broke away from to declare our independence.

Many are simply walking around this shit show with no skills, a rude awakening, no jobs, no sense of accomplishing anything real... after of course they were all told they excelled at everything when they did nothing. Many can't get entry level jobs because those fast food jobs are going to college graduates. Oh and of course, they've been inundated since birth around the hip-hop bling bling that if you don't have the Benjamin's (of course they don't know who the fuck he is) then you are nothing. So if you don't have a job, don't have money, don't have any options, they feel a social sting more so then earlier generations. Plus of course, no one of the opposite sex will date them.

Add in all the psycho meds they put these kids on even if most don't need any of them that have shown to cause psychotic episodes, coupled with all the more numerous drug choices and availability they have and take part in, and they don't stand a match against such a situation.

Food stamps don't buy you half of what they bought you when Nerobama took office, and if they do scrape up some money for some crap fast food, the value menu meal will cost you $8. Of course if you want two of their premium sandwiches and a drink, you are looking at more like $12.

Everywhere they turn, they are fucked. When they look around, almost everyone seems to be in the same boat, and this mentality grows and becomes pervasive. But they do see some people who have seemingly made it, and those people are rubbing their noses with it on Crapbook.

Of course, even those older then these people are feeling similar pressures, and while they weren't brought up on this shitshow, they have been living through it, with it's moral absences chipping away at their moral compass all this time. They have lost families, homes, cars, jobs, and their future as well. One need only look at the Democratic party, filled with people who rightfully bitched at Bush for all his war crimes and impeachable offenses, but since 'Bush' did it, it's fine that their guy, Obama, does it.

So yes, it's not surprising that crime is surging, and of course if the metrics that the rich measure the economy crashes, then I suspect the moral degeneracy coupled with legitimate strife that together is simmering just under the surface, will explode.







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