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Listening to Dane Wiggington and Russ Tanner's weekly radio program (6/16/2015 – Geoengineering Watch Radio), I learned several things. Pilots and technicians operating the aerosol spraying tankers have had to sign "lethal enforcement non-disclosure agreements" by which the government (or its agents) reserves the right to kill you if you attempt to speak out about the secret operation. There have been some cases of tanker jets blowing up in mid-air. Dane's belief is that the planes are rigged to self-destruct in the event that the pilot attempts to veer off course and land in an unauthorized location (with the pilot intending to reveal to the world the contents and purpose of the plane). Using HAARP and aerosol spraying, the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana hasn't seen any major storm activity since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010. The reason, Dane surmises, is to keep the massive oil slick, submerged by Corexit, contained. The underwater plume, five years later, is still growing as the leak from the drilling accident has not stopped and has caused surrounding areas of the ocean floor to spout oil. The submerged plume is many miles long and wide, and in places over a kilometer deep. Insiders knowledgeable about the event like Matt Simmons (who famously said, "We've now killed the Gulf of Mexico."), who have spoken out about this ongoing threat to the entire Gulf, have died under suspicious circumstances. Following a recent conference held by corporations involved in geoengineering, aluminum futures skyrocketed, indicating that there would continue to be heavy demand to fill the Deep State's call to seed the sky with 20-30 million tons of nanoparticulate aluminum yearly. Dane stated that he no longer speaks with most of his family, and that he considers his true family to be those who engage the battle for halting climate engineering on this planet. Dane has no patience for people unwilling to face the truth.

Over the last couple of days Coachella Valley has been consumed by smoke from a fire near Big Bear Lake that as of 6/19 has consumed more than 11,000 acres of forest. It is heart breaking. The trees don't stand a chance. The aerosolized aluminum coating everything acts as a fire accelerant. The "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" off the coast of California caused by HAARP prevents storm fronts bearing moisture from entering California. The ongoing climate engineering spraying program disburses what little moisture we do have, forcing it to remain in suspension and not be released as rain. These are pristine forests in the 6000-10,000 feet elevation. Hiking at these altitudes, suffused with pine scent and clear horizons, are among the most sublime experiences I've ever had. The trees won't return for a long time. We'll be lucky to have manzanita and other low-lying shrubs take the place of the gorgeous sequoias and pine that have populated the region for ages.

Images of the Big Bear "Lake Fire," June 2015.







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