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Healthful Diet and Lifestyle, Environmental Toxins, And Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - February 26, 2012 - Be Very Careful When Replacing Missing Teeth (August 8, 2009) (pdf)

KCT note (2012.2.26): I am researching implants versus root canals right now, as I have a bad tooth that I am certain is leaking bacteria into my blood stream.

Notes from article and comments (reader comments do not save to the article pdf above):

TrainerBob: What a timely article! My wife recently lost 3 front teeth in a softball accident (the balls aren't so soft after all) and we were looking into implants. What did they want to use? Titanium. I'll have to see if there are even any dentists around that do ceramic or zirconia implants. By the way, I can vouch it's true what this article says about oral galvanism. My dad was having problems and sores in his mouth years back, and realized all by himself that he could measure an electric current with an ammeter. When he told his dentist that the dissimilar metals were causing the problems the dentist didn't believe him. Too many docs and dentists think they know everything and that you can't teach them anything new. To all the medical professionals out there reading....listen to your patients!

wildbill562: This is a timely article for me too. I had a titanium implant installed about 6 months ago. I went to Coastal Jaw Clinic today and gave the nurse a copy of this article, telling her it was for the doctor. She flipped through it quickly and said the author may be promoting the zirconia implants. hmmm, maybe, you never know... When the doctor came in, I asked him about zirconia implants. He replied that they do not "osseointegrate." Only titanium does. He said they make wonderful crowns though. After spending $4300 on this implant so far, I am not about to mess with it. I have to return in a couple of weeks, at which time he will cut open the skin covering the implant and install a post that eventually the crown will attach to. He said he will have to increase it's height gradually. What a hassle. But the root was cracked and had to be removed. I was initially told that the implant would only cost $1500 vs. $900 for a bridge. But the teeth would shift over time and the bridge would have to be changed periodically. One thing I will do soon is to remove all 4 of my amalgam fillings. But I need to know what the best white filling material is before undertaking that project. I will review Dr. Mercola's article on amalgam fillings now.

Tommie Jane Lane: Swishing coconut oil in the mouth for several minutes each morning before eating or drinking has helped maintain my oral health. First I brush my teeth then take a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil into my mouth. Vigorously swishing the oil through my teeth pulls toxins into the oil, so it is important to avoid swallowing the contaminated oil. After several minutes of swishing the oil is spit out, either onto the ground or into paper toweling to be disposed of in the trash. Do not spit into the sink or toilet because the coconut oil may solidify and clog drains. This method was introduced to me using sesame oil, however I find the coconut oil more agreeable in taste and texture. Coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, so it does a wonderful job of cleaning the mouth. Ayurvedic oil pulling has been used for centuries to preserve oral health.

tworsley: This is the actual truth. I've been doing the very same thing each morning with the coconut oil and you will be surprised that when it's time for your semi-annual cleaning, it gets easier and easier sitting in the dentist chair because you won't be there for long :-) Thanks for the information, I will pass it on.

Morrow: This is so true and so is the fact that tooth paste causes what it is supposed to prvent. I use oil pulling with cocconut oil, but also I brush my teeth with Dr Bonners Peppermint oil. a couple of drops on the brush with baking soda or myrr powder will keep everything nice and clean.

Corinne: Fascinating! I swallow coconut oil but must try it as a mouth swish. Question: What about Tea Tree oil? I put a few drops in water and use as a mouth wash daily. Seems to be doing a good job keeping my mouth clean. Any opinions on this?

DissentientAmy: I use tea tree oil mixed in with natural mouth wash (you can buy it already in or mix it into your favourite mouthwash yourself). It cuts down on a lot of the buildup on teeth and gums between dentist visits! I have been complimented on my clean teeth from the dental hygenist many times because of it! And don't forget everyone, get those mercury fillings removed!!!

CCurtis: When I had my implant 2 years ago (see above posting) the dental surgeon gave me a prescription for an oral wash that tasted awful -- like metal! I threw that out and swished with Monavie (an acai juice blend) before drinking it. After my first follow-up visit a month later the dentist couldn't believe how fast the implant healed. I told him it was because I did NOT swish with his prescription and used Monavie instead! I love the juice! It has saved my life in more ways than one.

b.mather: Tommie Jane, My wife did exactly as you have described and she got rid of a rash on her chest that persisted for a year after having a tooth removed that was infected. The tooth was not pulled when it should have been but had a root canal treatment done and then pulled a year later because the rash came back after antibiotics were taken with the root canal. She tried Hulda Clark's "zapper" but with little success. She did not want to use the antibiotics again. I saw info on "Oil Pulling" here on the Good Doctor"s website and we were already using virgin coconut oil we had purchased from this website for cooking.She has not had a return of the rash and it has been six moths now since she stopped oil pulling.

TrainerBob: As a side note, I followed Dr. Mercola's links above to try and find a local holistic dentist, and the ones that offered websites so I could read on their philosopy indicate they aren't as holistic as some of us would like. Yeah, they don't think mercury is a good idea, but when they do talk about implants all of them mention how great current implant technology (i.e. Titanium) is. One dentist also had info on wearing a plastic night guard on his FAQ page. I don't know about you, but I don't like to drink out of plastic containers, let alone have it sit in my saliva for 8 hours or so a night. I guess the lesson is to do your homework fully before choosing a dentist, even if he/she is self a proclaimed 'holistic' dentist.

Dr. Mercola: Good catch. Unfortunately there are only a handful of dentists in the US that use this technology. It is more common in South America and Europe.

jalcott100: I just had a zirconia build up of a tooth for a porcelain crown last week from Dr. Marilyn Jones in Houston who is also testing me for other metals in my mouth to see how compatible they are with my immune and energy systems. She did the zirconia without me having to ask for it -- She is definitely a bio-dentist. I only know of two in Houston.

samurai: I don't think bridges are the answer either, as they are VERY costly because you destroy TWO healthy adjacent teeth.

hellasabrosa: The more teeth you have pulled, the less bone you will have in your mouth and your need for dentures increases expontentially. Having teeth pulled is a short term answer, and not a great one. Having dentures is a hard thing - esp on the bottom jaw. The less bone you have to hold a denture in place, the harder it is to keep in place. Bone recedes and recedes away when there is no tooth structure or other structure (implant) to keep the bone in it's place.

rockrose: When my teeth were coming in I had a similar problem. The orthodontist said that my tooth roots were too close to my eyeballs. Scary! Four teeth (bicuspids) two upper and two lower were removed and later my four wisdom teeth were removed. All the years of braces and having everything moved around so much caused problems. I developed severe bone loss around where the bicuspids had been removed. About five years ago three implants were placed on my upper, one of which was an eye tooth. I'm now in my early 50's. I had porcelain veneers placed on my remaining front teeth to. I do a strict cleaning regimen and my teeth and implants and veneers are very aesthetically pleasing. No one can tell that the eye tooth is an implant. I hope that the titanium doesn't cause problems for me later. On the positive side, my life long sinus problems have improved significantly since the implants were placed and allowed to heal, which took about a year and a half after placement. You have a lot of tough decisions to make. If I had to do it all over again I'd look for an alternative to tooth removal. Can they widen her palate to allow more room for the teeth? I wish you tand your daughter he best of luck.

Jeanne_Locante: My husband is a dentist and has been focusing on dental implants for 23 years. Yes, he tries to get patients to eat healthy and to prevent tooth loss. However, we see patients who have worn dentures for 20 years or more and can no longer eat or chew or even keep them from moving around. Bone naturally starts to shrink or resorb when a tooth root is missing. A denture speeds this process up drastically. A denture patient often suffers with limited diet, mouth sores and embarrassment. Our patients are absolutely thrilled when they can eat and chew again. We also see numerous young adults who are congenitally missing adult tooth roots. The placement of a dental implant allows a stand a long solution without drilling down healthy natural "virgin" teeth for a bridge. With a bridge, you put your teeth in jeopardy of future problems like root canal therapy or tooth fracture. Regarding the Zirconia husband also is involved in research and has studied this issue. He says that multiple researchers, one of which is Larry Hench and June Wilson (Introduction to Bio-Ceramics) state that zirconium, when mined, is found with uranium and thorium. Zirconium's main use is to line nuclear reactors and has been shown to be radioactive. Zirconia is the oxide of Zirconium and these problems still exist. In addition, zirconia is a very hard but brittle metal and is much more prone to fracture than titanium. While it's true that titanium is not a bio inert material, the oxide version, titanium oxide, is bio inert and all titanium implants are coated with the oxide or glass of the titanium. There is nothing we do to the human body that does not have some negative reaction in a small percentage of the population. For patients who suffer with missing teeth or have broken a tooth due to a root canal treated tooth that fractures, titanium dental implants are the very best option to the original tooth. My husband is happy to discuss further with Dr. Garcia.

aemit: I was not really given too much "junk" when I was a child and my lifestyle is pretty healthy compared to the average person but for some reason I have very bad teeth. I live in Japan now and dentistry is quite developed here and I always try to opt for non-metal (ceramic, plastic) materials. This means shelling out more money but no metal for me, thank you. I was recently presented with this problem of using implants or bridges for two of my missing teeth (one lower back teeth on each side). Well I did not like the idea of either so then I asked my dentist about what if we use braces and try to bring the teeth closer. I was told that since I'm already an adult (I was 34 at the time), my teeth cannot be expected to move much but if I want to, we can try. So that's what I did. I wore braces for more than 2 years and now my teeth look very beautiful! The two years was a nuisance but I'm happy I decided to do this instead of getting implants or bridges. Flossing is a dream! I now have to wear a retainer which I do diligently. It's hard when we are suddenly presented with some issue and it seems easy to just blindly listen to our dentist's advice but I strongly advise to look into other options, ask other's opinion and the listen to our instincts. Time is necessary to make a good decision.

Cheryl Rounds: First they said mercurry was safe - now we know better. Then they said titatium implants were safe - now there are questions. Who is to say in the future that these new ceramic implants are any safer? There is currently research out of the University of Edmonton about regrowing your own teeth with ultrasound stimulation ( One of the promises of stem cell research is that we will be able to regrow teeth.( - do a search for other articles) On another note they say that advanced yogis can regrow teeth. After years of being exposed to toxic denitstry that never resolved the health of my teeth and continued to cause further dental aned health problems - I personnally have bowed out of the dental system (at least on my broken back teeth0 and wait for the day when my body will be able to regenerate its own teeth

Phantom OBanjo: Might consider using magnesium oil when brushing your teeth to strengthen what you got left... I won't go that far HWealth but it will make them harder. Do a search on here for tooth decay and licorice root. I started using tincture of licorice root in my home made tooth paste. Dentist said I had small cavity. I blew off making appointment on my next cleaning. He didn't mention any cavity. lol Showed him!

Naxossa: You may also want to check this link: (pdf). Apparently it is possible to regrow teeth and you don't have to wait for stem cell research. Raise the magnesium in your diet and reduce the grain. Especially whole grain. Oh irony, because the bran is high in phytic acid which prevents you from absorbing the necessary magnesium.

FairLilith: Good health = Good Teeth. Just can't be that simple. My daughter, now 27, was the obsessive brusher and now has several cavities. Of course she wore braces because of a too small mouth and now has receding gums. My son, now 25, is a Type I diabetic currently using an insulin pump. Growing up he had to be basically held down to get him to brush and now has one very minor cavity. He didn't wear braces. When he knocked his front teeth in hitting a tree trunk as a child the dentist used a plastic appliance for about 6 months to fix it up.

hellasabrosa: I am a Certified Dental Assistant. I whole heartedly agree that it is not as simple as having a terrific diet. MANY variables go into what causes tooth decay, and it's not just food. Illness (esp diabetes), drug use, smoking, dry mouth, certain medicines, mouth breathing at night, improper brushing technique and using the wrong toothbrush (a 'medium' is exactly that - WRONG - and they should NOT be sold in my opinion!!!!) They wear away teeth and gums at an alarming rate! If we wear our teeth or gums down to the point that our enamel is so thin and our gums are receded to a point where softer tissue is exposed, then decay can take hold more rapidly! PLEASE DO NOT USE 'MEDIUM' BRUSHES!!!! ONLY SOFT OR ULTRASOFT - ULTRASOFT IS BEST!!!! Basically, anything that reduces the amount of saliva in our mouths creates a great environment for bacteria to proliferate and and demineralize the teeth. Also, FLOSS FLOSS FLOSS! I am not kidding. It is SO important! I would like to stress a very little know fact to all of you - TOOTH DECAY IS AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE!!! Not one of us is born with these culprits in our mouths - we usually acquire it from a parent via shared spoon, etc. Not all mouth bacteria cause decay, only a few. I recommend looking up TOOTH DECAY in wikipedia for a very thorough explanation of the whole process of decay. Diet is just part of it, of course it is. But soooooo many other things go into what cause decay, what increases decay, what decreases the instance of decay and so forth. Also, decay is just part of the equation - even if you never have a single cavity in all your life, you are still at risk for developing gingivits and periodontal disease. Effective frequent plaque removal of AT LEAST once per day at MINIMUM will help to reduce (but maybe not erase) the harmful effects of plaque accumulation on the teeth, including dental caries (cavities), plaque, gingivitis and tartar buildup (another irritant to our gum tissues!!) Brush on!!!

"Here's the actual story of that first patient from Dr. Meinig's book:

"(Dr. Price) had a sense that, even when (root canal therapy) appeared successful, teeth containing root fillings remained infected. That thought kept prying on his mind, haunting him each time a patient consulted him for relief from some severe debilitating disease for which the medical profession could find no answer.

Then one day while treating a woman who had been confined to a wheelchair for six years from severe arthritis, he recalled how bacterial cultures were taken from patients who were ill and then inoculated into animals in an effort to reproduce the disease and test the effectiveness of drugs on the disease.

With this thought in mind, although her (root filled) tooth looked fine, he advised this arthritic patient, to have it extracted. He told her he was going to find out what it was about this root filled tooth that was responsible for her suffering.

"All dentists know that sometimes arthritis and other illnesses clear up if bad teeth are extracted. However, in this case, all of her teeth appeared in satisfactory condition and the one containing this root canal filling showed no evidence or symptoms of infection. Besides, it looked normal on x-ray pictures.

"Immediately after Dr. Price extracted the tooth he dismissed the patient and embedded her tooth under the skin of a rabbit. In two days the rabbit developed the same kind of crippling arthritis as the patient - and in ten days it died.

"..The patient made a successful recovery after the tooth's removal! She could then walk without a cane and could even do fine needlework again. That success led Dr. Price to advise other patients, afflicted with a wide variety of treatment defying illnesses, to have any root filled teeth out."

In the years that followed, he repeated this procedure many hundreds of times. He later implanted only a portion of the tooth to see if that produced the same results. It did. He then dried the tooth, ground it into powder and injected a tiny bit into several rabbits. Same results, this time producing the same symptoms in multiple animals.

Dr. Price eventually grew cultures of the bacteria and injected them into the animals. Then he went a step further. He put the solution containing the bacteria through a filter small enough to catch the bacteria. So when he injected the resulting liquid it was free of any infecting bacteria. Did the test animals develop the illness? Yes.

The only explanation was that the liquid had to contain toxins from the bacteria, and the toxins were also capable of causing disease.

Dr. Price became curious about which was the more potent infective agent, the bacteria or the toxin. He repeated that last experiment, injecting half the animals with the toxin-containing liquid and half of them with the bacteria from the filter. Both groups became ill, but the group injected with the toxins got sicker and died sooner than the bacteria injected animals."]


"If extraction proves necessary for anyone reading this, do you want to summarize what's special about the extraction technique?

GM: Just pulling the tooth is not enough when removal proves necessary. Dr. Price found bacteria in the tissues and bone just adjacent to the tooth's root. So we now recommend slow-speed drilling with a burr, to remove one millimeter of the entire bony socket.

The purpose is to remove the periodontal ligament (which is always infected with toxins produced by streptococcus bacteria living in the dentin tubules) and the first millimeter of bone that lines the socket (which is usually infected).

There's a whole protocol involved, including irrigating with sterile saline to assure removal of the contaminated bone chips, and treating the socket to stimulate and encourage infection-free healing. I describe the procedure in detail, step by step, in my book [pages 185 and 186]."



Zirconium implants Google Search

Pennsylvania Dental Board Approves Cavitat Device, NICO - Dumps Quackbusters... (pdf) • Dental Osteolyelitis - What is a Cavitat? (pdf) • - AETNA Loses Major Dental Case [against Cavitat] in Fed Court - Is This Their Demise? (pdf) - Natural Tooth Cure for Curing Cavities and Preventing Root Canals

Some excerpts:

The Current Tooth Decay Theory is Wrong - The current theory of tooth decay according to the American Dental Association: "[Tooth decay] occurs when foods containing carbohydrates (sugars and starches) such as milk, pop, raisins, cakes or candy are frequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on these foods, producing acids as a result. Over a period of time, these acids destroy tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay." There are several problems with this theory. #1) No matter how much you brush, it is impossible to keep your mouth free of bacteria — supposedly we breathe in over 14,000 germs per hour. #2) Some groups of Indigenous people who had fermentable carbohydrates stuck on their teeth all of the time, without any brushing or flossing, were mostly or entirely free of tooth decay. #3) Bacteria do not eat processed sugars because of the lack of nutrients found in them. In fact, sugars are processed not only to prevent spoilage, but also to prevent consumption by bacteria. It does not make sense that these nutrient-void sugars miraculously become food for bacteria once in your mouth. #4) Bacteria does not eat processed flour for the same reason. Processed flours are designed to prevent spoilage, and thus the minerals (bacteria food) are removed. Many times, flours are even further treated to prevent bacteria from eating them. #5) Foods that bacteria like to eat include milk, vegetables, meat, fish, and fruit; these are not commonly attributed with being the causes of tooth decay...

Living Without Tooth Decay - I wrote an entire book on how to live without tooth decay and how to heal your teeth with good nutrition. I cannot give you all the answers in an article, but I can let you know that there is a new way to promoting healthy teeth. I was diagnosed with three cavities two and a half years ago. But through regulating my diet, and eating special foods, my teeth have become stronger and the cavities have halted. My daughter has lived with her tooth decay without the need for dental surgery for close to three years now. With enhanced nutrition her mood has improved, and her teeth have protected themselves internally from infection; this is called arrested decay. For me it is really priceless to be able to avoid Novocain shots, radiation exposure from x-rays and having holes drilled in my teeth. [Bold emphasis mine.] And for my daughter, the savings for me as a parent, are really beyond words and explanation; I feel eternally grateful. In our society we have deep and unfelt beliefs in disease and suffering. We believe that "life is suffering." Or some say that "to be human is to be in a state of sin." Many of us are not totally conscious of these beliefs, or others like them, so we inadvertently look past answers staring us blatantly in the face. We promote systems such as dental surgery and water fluoridation, which are many times not necessary given the light of knowledge showing us that our teeth are not designed to decay. You can minimize your tooth decay, prevent it entirely, and even heal tooth decay once a cavity has formed, if you make good choices for yourself based on the knowledge of the lifestyle led by decay-free Indigenous people. We continue to fool ourselves, saying that diseases are not curable. But it is time to move away from these limiting beliefs. The cause of tooth decay is known, and knowable. From this knowledge, let us become empowered to take more responsibility for our dental health. You can learn how to live without tooth decay. You can heal and prevent cavities. To purchase a digital or print copy of Cure Tooth Decay, visit ( --- buy book

If an extraction is necessary, it is now apparent that merely extracting the tooth is not enough. It has been determined that bacteria are present in the tissues and bone just adjacent to a tooth's root. The new recommendation is slow-speed drilling with a burr to remove 1 millimeter of the entire bony socket.












The patient who travels to consult a dentist about possible cavitations should be prepared to lose teeth. The possibility, of course, exists that extractions will not be necessary; however, if the patient has a history of root canals, large restorations, chronically sensitive teeth, implants, periodontal disease and/or surgery or other jaw trauma, it is likely that necrosis can be found under treated and adjacent teeth — and possibly elsewhere. A point that I want to make very strongly is that we need to be prepared for extractions in the event that they are found to be necessary. If it is just one or two posterior (back) teeth that are lost, there will be no hurry to have a partial denture made, and the patient can wait several months to have impressions made of the jaw so that an appliance can be fabricated. I should say here that I believe a partial denture to be the safest choice where restorations are concerned. Crowns, bridges, implants — these all subject the jaw to further trauma which can give rise to development of cavitations or spreading of existing ones. A partial denture, on the other hand, provided that it is made of biocompatible material, does not cause any trauma to the jaw. Such a prosthesis, since it is removable and generally taken out at night, has limited extremely limited potential to cause harm.



The Holistic Dental Center (Spokane, Washington) (Cavitat) (The RITA Meter AKA Electro-Galvanic Testing ) (Kavo Diagnodent) (Holistic Extractions

(Resources) •


Root Canal Cover-Up by George E. Meinig (Amazon) (get some excerpts from Amazon reviewers)




• • • •


 - Why a Root Canal is a Dangerous Dental Procedure (pdf) (interview transcript)

Some excerpts:

Every day in the United States alone, 41,000 of these dental procedures are performed on patients who believe they are safely and permanently fixing their problem...

Root-canaled teeth are essentially "dead" teeth that can become silent incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that can, under certain conditions, make their way into your bloodstream to cause a number of serious medical conditions—many not appearing until decades later...

Dr. Price was a dentist and researcher who traveled the world to study the teeth, bones, and diets of native populations living without the "benefit" of modern food. Around the year 1900, Price had been treating persistent root canal infections and became suspicious that root-canaled teeth always remained infected, in spite of treatments. Then one day, he recommended to a woman, wheelchair bound for six years, to have her root canal tooth extracted, even though it appeared to be fine. She agreed, so he extracted her tooth and then implanted it under the skin of a rabbit. The rabbit amazingly developed the same crippling arthritis as the woman and died from the infection 10 days later. But the woman, now free of the toxic tooth, immediately recovered from her arthritis and could now walk without even the assistance of a cane...

Under the stresses of oxygen and nutrient deprivation, these formerly friendly organisms morph into stronger, more virulent anaerobes that produce a variety of potent toxins. What were once ordinary, friendly oral bacteria mutate into highly toxic pathogens lurking in the tubules of the dead tooth, just awaiting an opportunity to spread. No amount of sterilization has been found effective in reaching these tubules—and just about every single root-canaled tooth has been found colonized by these bacteria, especially around the apex and in the periodontal ligament. Oftentimes, the infection extends down into the jawbone where it creates cavitations—areas of necrotic tissue in the jawbone itself. Cavitations are areas of unhealed bone, often accompanied by pockets of infected tissue and gangrene. Sometimes they form after a tooth extraction (such as a wisdom tooth extraction), but they can also follow a root canal. According to Weston Price Foundation, in the records of 5,000 surgical cavitation cleanings, only two were found healed...

Root Canals Can Lead to Heart, Kidney, Bone, and Brain Disease - As long as your immune system remains strong, any bacteria that stray away from the infected tooth are captured and destroyed. But once your immune system is weakened by something like an accident or illness or other trauma, your immune system may be unable to keep the infection in check. These bacteria can migrate out into surrounding tissues by hitching a ride into your blood stream, where they are transported to new locations to set up camp. The new location can be any organ or gland or tissue. Dr. Price was able to transfer diseases harbored by humans to rabbits, by implanting fragments of root-canaled teeth, as mentioned above. He found that root canal fragments from a person who had suffered a heart attack, when implanted into a rabbit, would cause a heart attack in the rabbit within a few weeks. He discovered he could transfer heart disease to the rabbit 100 percent of the time! Other diseases were more than 80 percent transferable by this method. Nearly every chronic degenerative disease has been linked with root canals, including: Heart disease, Kidney disease, Arthritis, joint, and rheumatic diseases, Neurological diseases (including ALS and MS), Autoimmune diseases (Lupus and more). There may also be a cancer connection. Dr. Robert Jones, a researcher of therelationship between root canals and breast cancer, found an extremely high correlation between root canals and breast cancer.iv He claims to have found the following correlations in a five-year study of 300 breast cancer cases: 93 percent of women with breast cancer had root canals, 7 percent had other oral pathology. Tumors, in the majority of cases, occurred on the same side of the body as the root canal(s) or other oral pathology
Dr. Jones claims that toxins from the bacteria in an infected tooth or jawbone are able to inhibit the proteins that suppress tumor development. A German physician reported similar findings. Dr. Josef Issels reported that, in his 40 years of treating "terminal" cancer patients, 97 percent of his cancer patients had root canals. If these physicians are correct, the cure for cancer may be as simple as having a tooth pulled, then rebuilding your immune system...

The ADA rejects Dr. Price's evidence, claiming root canals are safe, yet they offer no published data or actual research to substantiate their claim. American Heart Association recommends a dose of antibiotics before many routine dental procedures to prevent infective endocarditis (IE) if you have certain heart conditions that predispose you to this type of infection...

Dentists are taught to remove the tooth but leave your periodontal ligament. But as you now know, this ligament can serve as a breeding ground for deadly bacteria. Most experts who've studied this recommend removing the ligament, along with one millimeter of the bony socket, in order to drastically reduce your risk of developing an infection from the bacterially infected tissues left behind...

Reader comments:

Uhsp1984 - I am living proof that this information is accurate!! I was diagnosed with a VERY rare autoimmune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis several years ago. Apparently, there are only 400 people in the world that have this disease. I went to an autoimmune specialist at Rush Univ. who suggested I go on steroids and chemotherapy agents to help control the inflammation and the pain. This was NOT an option for me. I was then on a mission. I was referred to a physician in Hawaii from a friend. She took a very extensive history and focused on my mouth and the fact that I had 3 root canals. I thought she was crazy. She told me to have a cavatat ultrasound of my gums and it would show if I had any areas of inflammation around my root canals. I live in Chicago and could not find ONE dentist who had this machine! I had to drive west of Milwaukee and found a dentist who did it for me. I saw for myself how bad the ultrasound looked. I was referred to a dentist in Huntley, Il. He saved my life!! He extracted all of my root canals and removed all of my mercury fillings. Within 4 weeks I was fine and symptom free! My ulcerative colitis is also gone as well as headaches that I had at least 3 days a week for years. I can't remember that last time I took tylenol!! If this physician did not know to look at these root canals, I would still be on steroids and chemotherapy drugs. Those themselves would kill me. Thank you Dr. Mercola for researching and posting this information for everyone!!

continue gathering comments


Some excerpts:

Think Twice Before Getting a Root Canal - Teeth are similar to other organ systems in your body in that they also require a blood supply, lymphatic and venous drainage, and nervous innervations. Root canals, however, are dead teeth, and these dead teeth typically become one of, if not the worst, sources of chronic bacterial toxicity in your body. If your kidney, liver or any other organ in your body dies, it will have to be removed so that bacteria and necrosis will not set in and kill you … but teeth are commonly left dead in your body. Teeth have roots with main canals and thousands of side canals, and contained in those side canals are miles of nerves. When dentists perform a root canal, they remove the nerve from the main canals, however they do not have access to the microscopic side canals, which have dead nerves left behind in those spaces. Anaerobic bacteria, which do not require oxygen to survive, thrive in these side canals and excrete toxicity from digesting necrotic tissue that leads to chronic infection. Blood supply and lymphatics that surround those dead teeth drains this toxicity and allows it to spread throughout your body. This toxicity will invade all organ systems and can lead to a plethora of diseases such as autoimmune diseases, cancers, musculoskeletal diseases, irritable bowel diseases, and depression to name just a few. Even antibiotics won’t help in these cases, because the bacteria are protected inside of your dead tooth. It appears that the longer root canal-treated teeth stay in your body, the more your immune system becomes compromised.

Some readers' comments:

shineonme: For anyone interested in not having a root canal, and not having the tooth pulled, try Organic Neem Seed Oil. I would have four less molars, had I not discovered it, after 3 desperate months using every herb in the world stuffed into my mouth - trying to save my teeth from being extracted. All of these teeth I had just had capped, and the dentist warned me that the cavities had been so deep that when the novacaine wore off, that the teeth might go into severe pain, meaning they were dead - which is exactly what happened. Extremely severe pain. I brought the severe pain down immediately to about 80% with about 4 oil pullings that day - which gets rid of most of the bacteria, but it didn't go deep enough, so I had a low level of constant pain which I took aspirin for. I only had to do 1 oil pulling a day to keep the pain manageable. After 3 months and much trial and error, I came across Neem Seed OIl, and thank god for it - saved all my teeth!!! I would put a couple of drops of it - only a couple of drops, as it is very potent, in a base of about 20 drops of another oil, on a organic cotton pad and nestle it at the gum line and wear it all night long. I would wear it about 1 hour during the daytime also. In about 3 weeks I was totally pain free, but kept wearing it for about 3 months at night, just to make sure all the bacteria were dead. You can get organic neem seed oil at the health food store, and follow the instructions for oil pulling at It's imperative to follow the instructions for cleaning the mouth after the oil pulling or else you just swallow all the germs, you just pulled from your teeth.

nyscof: Fluoride in Your Water? Get It Out - Call your water department, ask if fluoride chemicals are added into your water supply. Then ask them and your local legislators, “Who has the authority to stop fluoridation?” Organize your neighbors to lobby the appropriate agency or department to have them cease fluoridation. You will be saving your community money and improving overall health with no increased dental risk. In fact, many studies show that when fluoridation ends, tooth decay rates actually go down or stay the same. Over 2,600 professionals urge the US Congress to stop water fluoridation until Congressional hearings are conducted, citing scientific evidence that fluoridation, long promoted to fight tooth decay, is ineffective and has serious health risks. See
Support them at

irene482hotmailcom: I could be wrong,but I beleive the Nazi scientist discovered Flouride,and used it on the Jews to reduce brain function so they would'nt try to escape. After the war these Doctors of death were brought to Americas by the thousands under a pardon system called OPERATION PAPERCLIP. They were in turn scattered throughout our Sucurity Services, our Medical Systems, the F B I , the scientific Community, our Education Systems, our Political Systems, and Nasa (they put us on the Moon). Since those good ol days, they have been completely resolved of thier guilt,and have won awards, advanced our science,and have moved up the ladder of prosperity and promotion. The Sons and Daughters of these Scum have been kissed into positions of Trust and are now working at the F D A under I'm sure a little Nazi guidence. Most of the creeps at the F D A are promotees from the Drug companies, whom I'm sure have Scientist with Nazi ties( or Mafia). So here we are, Flouride (Poison) in our Water, Aspertame (Poison) in our diet drinks, M S G (Poison) in most of our prepared foods,Genetically altered food, Seeds that commit suicide, a Plethora of Chemicals (Poison) to clean, polish, and preserve our possessions, Mercury (Poison) in our Dental fillings, Thimerosal (Poison) in our Vaccines, Chem Trails (not Vapor Trails) sprayed criss cross across our skies, the building of Super Jails and highways, Doctors who must never find a cure but simply prescribe another side effect Drug to combat the last side effect Drug or risk loseing their Licence,and a Media that no longer reports the truth. Hitler burned down his own buildings to get people to give up their rights,and began attacking other Countries,(sounds familiar)(9 1 1 ?) Homeland Sucurity (S S) allso rings a bell (N W O). Am I one of the few who smells ***? Am I making this up?.Am I brainwashed? I'll take THE TEST- Plop, Plop, Fiz, Fiz, OH !, What a _ _ _ _ _ _ it is ! Camels taste good, like a cigarette _ _ _ _ _ . YUP! - Mabe!

TIim: Recently, I went on an extended 7 day water fast, and my tooth ache went away and some of my gums grew back a little. That tooth was on the verge of needing a root canal. I believe the pores on my nose shrank as well. Regular Fasting (3 days every 6 weeks or so) also has ameliorated my seizure disorder so that I barely need medication, if at all. Do a google search of fasting, or Herbert Shelton, or Arnold Ehret, famous proponents of fasting. It truly is a panacea, but a very unpopular one since it doesn't simply involve popping a drug, herb, or vitamin pill. What Fasting does require is discipline and ego sacrifice. But one nice thing, it is absolutely free. You don't even have to buy food or wash dishes when you are on a fast haha.

wrightio: As Dr Price has been mentioned prominently in this article, that is probably where you should look Kaliko Kat. It has been said that there has been teeth re-growth with patients using butter and cod liver oil combined.. It has a substance he termed as Activator X which has been recognised as Vitamin K since. His book even has photos of the changes. Do you eat wheat, cereals, white flour, refined carbohydrates? if you have the time, there is a blog over at
Stephan has a PhD in neurobiology and he has some fascinating science papers that he analyses and dissects including quite a few on dental health. Great read.

Gnoses: There was a time when I was going to need a root canal. Before I decided to take the plunge I did some internet research and discovered that Hydrogen Peroxide had purportedly help some people to forestall having root canal work performed. It has been over two years now and about three times a day I treat my mouth and gums to a few sprays of inexpensive hydrogen peroxide, brush thoroughly and then rinse thoroughly. I am no longer told that I need a root canal. What can I say? Some problems are a lot simpler than professional doctors would have one believe :-)

mllansu: For your situation, I suggest you contact Hal Huggins office in Colorado Springs. This guy is the pioneer in the field. If anyone can help you, he can. He's helped a lot of people with diseases related to dental issues and has trained dentists over the years.
I wish you the best.








My questions for the dentist:

1. Is the titanium implanted coated with a material to reduce electrical conductivity?

2. Do you remove ligament and 1 mm of jaw bone structure on extracted teeth to reduce swelling/cavitation? (Especially important for infected tooth.) "If an extraction is necessary, it is now apparent that merely extracting the tooth is not enough. It has been determined that bacteria are present in the tissues and bone just adjacent to a tooth's root. The new recommendation is slow-speed drilling with a burr to remove 1 millimeter of the entire bony socket."

3. What do you know about zirconium implants?

4. Does the titanium screw harm the nerve deep in the jaw?

5. Where can I get a cavatat ultrasound determination of inflammation of root canals? (Decay and damage is often not viewable by x-ray.)

6. I am concerned about electrical charges surrounding dissimilar metals in close proximity. I have two gold crowns that shock me when I touch utensils to them. My earlier gold inlays never did that. That earlier work was shinier and more "gold" looking. Could it be that the newer darker "noble metal" crowns carry more galvanic charge?


My symptoms include:

1. Tonsils sore.

2. Feeling of pain in lower back, kidneys, heart muscle, eyes, brain, joints, and general tiredness. Dull throbbing coming out deep within affected molar.

3. Like a floodgate burst with toxins poring out two weeks ago. Never felt so tired, with BOTH eyes totally glassy, bloodshot and encrusted.



1. Remove bridge and affected tooth. Replace with implant. Temporary crown on other anchor. If implant doesn't irritate me, then go with implants for other two teeth. If implant is a problem, then remove and seek out zirconium specialist.














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