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Electrical Sensitivity, Human Health, And Environmental Illness - December 31, 1996 (c)

1996.12.31. (c)

Little by little the mystery of EMF-shielded housing is revealing itself to me.  I have heard that the observatories on Mauna Kea utilize EMF shielding in their construction. As to what materials they use and what frequencies the materials shield, I am not sure.  But I intend to contact them to find out.  Maybe they can give me referrals for EMF-shielding contractors.  I do not intend to build something as large as an observatory -- I do not have the $2 million or more that I figure may be needed to construct such a house.  Maybe there is a way for them to carry out a small project cheaply.  In reading Lucinda Grant's cathartic resource, "The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook: How Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Are Making People Sick", I read of some fifty computer operators who became electrically sensitive.  The interesting twist of the story is that there was a clump of microwave towers transmitting directly above their floor of the buidling, and that this was noted in official proceedings as being the major predisposing factor in their becoming ES.  I was encouraged to read that one of the workers overcame the handicapping presence of EMFs by shielding his bedroom at home and his office at work.  For his bedroom he used 1100 pounds of lead and two layers of silicone to provide adequate shielding.  As far as metal goes, 1100 pounds is not that much -- I think I can afford it.  His dilemma and solution gave me hope that I too can create safety for myself.  Maybe I will use five times as much shielding material -- say, 5,000 pounds of lead per room -- and create an even safer environment!  Grant's book also gives a comprehensive list of resources, one of which being the "Thomas Register of American Manufacturers".  On Friday I am going to the Hilo Public Library to look at their copy of it.  In it I expect to find listings for magnetic shielding manufacturers (pdf).  I will cling to my photocopy of those pages as tightly as Moses clutched his Ten Commandments.    



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