Environmental Health Center at Dallas - The State Of Knowledge Regarding The Health Effects Of EMF Exposure Is Pathetic - Clock Radios and Electric Blankets vs Wireless Internet Routers and Cellular Towers - Which Produce More Harm?

Electrical Sensitivity, Human Health, And Environmental Illness - December 31, 1996 (b)

1996.12.31. (b)

The state of our knowledge, especially with respect to high frequency EMFs, is pathetic.  I called the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas, and had a twenty-minute conversation with one of the intake nurses.  Understand that this is the premier Environmental Illness (EI) clinic in the country, yet it has vast shortcomings.  They do not have a mailing list to keep concerned patients informed of progress in the EI area.  They do not even have a detailed intake form upon which the patient may specify the symptoms and attempted treatments for his/her electrical or chemical sensitivity.  They have never handled patients with micro wave sensitivity.  In two months the clinic will be sponsoring an international EMF conference in which the doctors will discuss the whole spectrum of EMF sensitivities.  Since it is difficult for me to travel all the way to Dallas, it would have been extremely helpful for them to send me a form for me to log all my ES stressors, symptoms, and treatments.  But as it stands, my ES experience will have no voice, no statistical value, for use in the symposium -- or future symposiums for that matter.  I was hoping that they could at least enter my information into an international data bank through which interested researchers could contact people with specific symptoms and stressors.  Maybe I would be among only a handful of people in the world for whom short, radio, and micro wave frequencies were the primary ES stressors.  I would definitely provide unusual data for them; 99.99% of ES patients are affected by computers, alarm clocks, and power lines -- but not radio waves.  But in the unlikely case that there was someone on the planet who wanted more information about my symptoms, he/she would know where to find me.  But as it is, I am, and will continue to be, an irradiated unknown.                   

The specialty of the Dallas clinic is chemical sensitivity.  They have a variety of treatments to help strengthen your immune system.  They can desensitize your reaction to certain irritants with charged water and antigen therapies.  They can prescribe biomagnets, full spectrum lights, and reduced radiation computer screens.  They can test you for various allergies and put you in front of an electrical appliance to see if you have an ES reaction.  They can discuss with you how to make your house healthier -- how to get rid of chemical products, tear up synthetic rugs, and move furniture away from EMF hot spots.  But micro wave EMFs do not even enter the picture -- and they are my biggest concern.  So, again, I am left with the dismal task of plowing ahead with little support or recognition.  My quest for safety will hinge upon whether my writing makes a sufficiently dramatic impact on society.  If I am lucky I will get evaluated and have a shielded house built for me at society's expense.

Comment from 12/9/2012

I believe that the clinic had seen at least a handful of ES patients prior to my visit in late 1997. They had attempted to create a shielded room in which to perform exposure tests for various frequencies; and the doctor operating the clinic had published a study of pupilary response (widening and narrowing of the pupil) as a measure of electrical sensitivity. I would imagine that 80% of ES patients cite household appliances and the 60 Hertz alternating current used to power the USA grid as their most troubling exposure. When I say "troubling," I mean their being consciously aware of something being problemmatic in real time (i.e., they can "feel it"). But the percentage of the population with adverse reactions to microwaves (e.g., 1 billion Hz and up) grows much larger when headaches, memory loss, elevated blood pressure, sleep disturbances, and many other symptoms are included. Every person has a negative physiologic reaction to manmade EMF, even if they are not conscious of it. Cell phones, wireless Internet routers, and proximity to radio and cellular towers likely are all just as responsible for human disease as the power lines bringing energy to our homes. I recall some charts put together by activist Arthur Firstenberg showing the spike in mortality rates as a function of electrification of America back in the 1920s-1940s. There was a strong correlation.

I've written elsewhere in more detail about the testing I underwent at the Environmental Health Center. Though it was a step in the right direction -- and though it was able to determine that I am "electrically sensitive" -- there was much more that could have been done. I do hope that scientists someday will be interested in verifying my sensitivity in a more conclusive and detailed manner. I've had this content up, in various forms, on the web since 2002. In that time no one has approached me for additional testing. I would like to have that done. Like Gopi Krishna's desire for a spinal tap to determine measurable changes -- biochemically -- of Kundalini's arousal, I too would like to establish a scientific footing for my experiences. While I don't expect anyone to arrive at a verifiable mechanism that explains why I am conscious of EMF, I would like to at least have some sensitivity parameters set up, for example, the exact range of frequencies I can feel and the minimum threshold field strength required before I become aware of an exposure. This would give us a better idea of what frequencies were the most problemmatic to heightened consciousness; and the question "Does he really feel this stuff?" could be dispensed with once and for all.

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