Satan - Dream - Challenge - Songs And Fingerplays - Must Be Inspirational And Charismatic Or Forfeit Your Soul - Agents Of The Devil Sat Nearby Ready To Exploit Any Weakness Or Lack Of Integrity - Satan Lost The Challenge

Spiritual Dreams - March 9, 2000


2000.3.9.  Thursday, 6:40 a.m.

Last night I dreamt I had a contest with Satan.  I was challenged to sing songs and do finger plays with the children and staff at school.  Satan was to measure the degree to which I was uplifting, natural, happy, and charismatic.  If I inspired others, I would win; if not, I would have to sell my soul to him.  It was a test of my integrity.  There were several other people in the contest -- including teachers and students from school -- who over the course of the night succumbed to Satan, with their faces looking gray and strained the following day. Satan positioned a whole group of sexual, dark, malicious people who sat nearby to observe me for signs of weakness or lack of idealism.  I remained strong and Satan lost the challenge.





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