Scientific Fascism - Dr. James F. Pierce, Neurologist - Kailua-Kona / Honolulu - Denial Of Patient Perspective - Coercive Enforcement Of Normalcy - Improved Listening Skills And Utilization Of Noninvasive Physiological Assessments A Necessary Corrective

Describes the scientific fascism of Dr. James F. Pierce (pdf), a neurologist for the Honolulu and Kailua-Kona areas of Hawaii. Describes his denial of patient perspective as part of a broader coercive enforcement of normalcy / status quo that is typical of authority in any field of "expertise." Argues that the adoption of improved listening skills and the increased utilization of noninvasive physiological assessments are a necessary corrective to current allopathic / Western medical practices.

Healthful Diet and Lifestyle, Environmental Toxins, And Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - August 23, 1997


I felt dehumanized after seeing Dr. Pierce, the neurologist [edit 1].  He had the same taciturn, authority-obsessed, ogre-like disposition as Dr. X [a friend's father].  His medical training must have required the lancing of his thymus gland.  Dr. Pierce was cold and emotionally alienating, which appear to be prerequisites nowadays for graduation from medical school. 

Pierce asked me to describe my headaches, and I told him everything I knew about their onset and symptoms, including the fact that my first recollection of pain was when I passed the short wave transmitter on my way to work.  After this last disclosure of mine he asked no more questions about the headaches. I was startled and depressed by the abruptness of his cutting off questions to me.  It was apparent to me that he concluded that my symptoms were psycho-somatic. That is, they were either self-induced or imaginary, and therefore dysfunctional. 

His silent disapproval proved an emotional terrorism to me.  Of course I must be insane to question the beliefs and practices of the two million medical doctors that stood behind Pierce's "informed" position.  I mean, of course EMFs are harmless!  "Everyone" knows this, because it's the official position of the American Medical Association. 

But to say that one person is wrong simply because his experience is not confirmed by one hundred others, is a form of scientific fascism.  I use "fascism" here to describe a cultural practice that overly subordinates the needs of the individual to that of the group. Often, this subordination is done falsely, as a form of excessive social control, with benefits accruing to a minority of the population.  If Pierce were a scientist, and not merely a fascist authoritarian, he would have listened to me.  As it is I who am the patient, it ought to be the case that I know as much or more about my symptoms than he or anyone else.  As a scientist he cannot passively disconfirm my EMF assertion. If he wants to be on solid scientific ground he must test me to evaluate these claims.  Without such tests all he is scientifically capable of saying is that, while what I am saying may be valid, he has no experience or knowledge -- professionally or personally -- that supports it.  If he were really good, he might even admit that EMFs might be a source of danger, but that the scientific basis for that belief is as yet inconclusive.  In any event, because I have an emotional investment in the facts as they appear to me, a good doctor ought to at least support me emotionally by listening and nodding his head and saying something like, "I never heard that before, but it sounds interesting." 

Of course, if I am merciful in my review, I can cut the doctor some slack because the grueling work schedule and training that doctors have supports a relationship to medicine that is divorced from emotions, healing, prevention, and patients.  Medicine today is about technology, machines, intellect, authority, surgery, drugs, and economics.  Everything else, including the doctors themselves -- even if they are not aware of it -- gets lost in the perspective.  We're all victims in this one.  But I can still lay blame on Dr. Pierce and the 2 million others with him. They are the ones with the big incomes. It is to them that society's assets flow. They are the ones who promote the practices by which we suffer. They are the ones in positions most capable of remedying our plight.  But, unfortunately, doctors are famous for supporting things as they are.  Change is seen as a threat to power.  Whether it's cigarette smoking, EMF exposure, chemical pollution, or you-name-it, doctors will be the last ones to mount corrective action. 

To Dr. Pierce's credit, I enjoyed some of the non-invasive tests he conducted of my nervous system's integrity: walking in different ways, moving or holding my arms in different positions, visually tracking things, looking at my retina, tapping me in different places, placing a tuning fork on my ankles and on the crown of my head, and so forth.  I love these kind of non-life-disturbing medical assessments.  They are part of what I call good medical listening skills.  God, through this body, will tell us all that we need to know, if we but listen closely enough.  X-rays, MRIs, exploratory surgery, and the like are invasive, life-diminishing practices; they reflect an arrogant medical orientation that is in an adolescent -- at best -- stage of practice.  The wiser we grow, the more that we will begin to see and act upon what is already there.




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