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From Mercola article Irradiated Foods Exposed to Gamma Radiation (pdf)

bebig10 Posted On Nov 05, 2011

Every living organism in the world contains a biofield. This is energy created in every cell and the energy is light energy that has a frequency specific to that cell that works in concert with all the other cells of that organism. This research has been ongoing from the late 1990's and has been verified by non other than the AMA's JAMA articles talking about mitochondria emitting light. Transcription of DNA uses electromagnetic frequencies to send it's commands to the messenger RNA. When you radiate, subject it to magnetic fields, microwave, etc. any living thing, including plants and animals, you destroy the ability of that organism to continue it's life force. The body tests everything it comes in contact with against this biofield energy and determines if it is good or bad for the body. Animals have not lost their ability to do this like we humans who have abused our bodies so badly that we don't have the same abilities. Animals continually reject GMO foods when given the choice using this ability.
Each cell emits 100,000 biophotons per second and all you have to do is count all the cells in any organism to see how powerful these energetic forces are, but also, how destructive it is to eliminate those natural forces that our body uses to make food nutritious.

We started out with the perfect earth, the perfect food and slowly over time it seems man has continually messed up the perfection. It is as if we believe we know more than God and as we unravel the mysteries, more and more of this marvelous creation becomes evident, but just because we can doesn't mean we should. Look at the problems genetic engineering has caused and how destructive that technology is. Nature is fighting back and nature will win, man will lose if we continue that very destructive technology. The term processed food sounds to politically correct for me, I choose to call it adulterated poison. When you start with chemicalized plants, you end up with poison, not food.

bebig10 Posted On Nov 05, 2011

Interestingly, an additional thing to note here is that when you subject plants to frequencies of sound or light that closely work in concert with a plant, you enhance the productivity of that plant. I personally ran experiments using special sound frequencies along with special fertilization natural nutrients that created phenomenal results both in very HIGH brix numbers, taste, and quantity. A high voltage field, in which no current flows when exposed to organisms caused unexpectedly primeval organisms to grow out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field. This kind of research is revealing what NO genetic engineering could ever hope to achieve. There is a lot we don't know and the more I discover, the more I realize the wonderful CREATION we are and how unique life is.
This is just more proof that growing food in good fertile soil, WITHOUT chemicals, using good organic farming techniques is the direction we need to go instead of this chemical fertilization, insecticide spraying, genetic engineering, trash that is being forced on Americans now.
Irradiating foods is just STUPID! One just has to ask why? And then look at the sick, chemicalized garbage that many call food and realize if they don't radiate it, pasteurize it, the tasteless, nutritionless, adulterated fiber it has become could kill your sick body that has been eating the junk. Good nutritious, organic food does not need radiation, pasteurization, chlorination, etc. So why not concentrate on making high quality food instead of destroying the food supply?

sayerji Posted On Nov 05, 2011

Bebig - awesome post. In support of the information you present, here is a page dedicated to biophoton research www.greenmedinfo.com/keyword/biophotons (pdf)



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