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Political Letters - July 29, 2010





July 15, 2010 from

What has to happen is peaceful non-compliance on all levels and by all people.

Yes there is division among the people, sadly this is why it has always taken a disaster to align people to think in the same direction.

People first need to realize what they are, this is where you lose most people, because they want to get tied up in semantics and theology and people want to be right more than they want to be enlightened.

So let’s hope David Icke is right and there is an “event” or vibrational change coming that will awaken the masses.

If that happens, then we need a roadmap to break this matrix.

It WILL require the shattering of the current laws, this is why revolution is an “all in” affair.

1. We have to rebuild the “Government Systems” that currently bind us.
2. We need a currency backed by something tangible, or by labor that will allow for trade of goods and services.
3 We must stop supporting the FED in any way shape or form, this means you need to stop paying taxes to these people.
4. We need to do all business on the local level, supporting local farmers, tradesmen, etc...
5. People need to work for themselves and their families, not for corporations.
6. Stop idolizing other people- i.e. Hollywood.
7. We must have a fundamental change in our perspective, the real enemy here is FEAR, not NWO. It is FEAR that allows the NWO to operate.
8. We must be open to education, and ideas, and imagination.
9. We must acknowledge the abundance of resources in the world, and stop believing in scarcity.
10. We must physically remove the “Elite” from their high places, or leave them to ROT in them. We must tear their buildings down to the dirt under the foundations, and free the world’s energy centers of control.
11. We must re-form our communities in strength and togetherness.
12. We must take a forever-active stand for true freedom, not the corporate “freedom” people used to think was real, which was simply slavery in a candy coating.

I quit my job, was making good $$$, I don't idolize money anymore. It is not necessary to live a good life, at least, shouldn't be. Why should the only difference between the life you’re living and the life you want to live be only paper with symbols on it? Stop working, stop being a slave. I’m learning how my thoughts work. I have stopped thinking negatively, I am allowing new knowledge and information, and perspective into my mind and heart. I am seeing so clearly.

One must realize that their life is about their own self, they cannot change the free will of those around them, nor can they decide for them. At best, one can only be a living example of what is possible for all people. This is why Jesus Christ is so popular.

Think from the self and not the ego.

my 2 cents...


The above post is so right-on about so many things. You can tell that s/he thinks clearly, and is free of the baggage and illusions that burden so many of our thoughts. The focus on independence from false or enslaving systems is a healthy one. Your mind and body function more healthfully when you do. There are real social and spiritual bonds to be found in the world that can't be had through the diabolical substitute for human connectivity -- the corporate idiot box in most people's living rooms. Our freedom does lie in deposing the money changers controlling our government. Check out the two documentaries of Bill Still, "The Money Masters" and "The Secret of Oz" to learn more about the importance of moving away from a debt-based fractional reserve fiat money system operated in secrecy by unaccountable foreign, corporate interests.

Living freely with less dependence on $ is something that I personally could learn from. For the last 20 years, since I graduated from college, I have been a debt slave, refusing to live within my means, charging on my credit cards every convenience and perceived need that draws on my senses. I have literallly mortgaged my future to satisfy immediate wants, owing now a year's salary of debt, with little hope of saving the money I need for a downpayment on a home. Of course, there are documentaries about how the commercial banks create money out of thin air, and then hawk their credit products to young people, getting them hooked on a buy-now-pay-later attitude. I am a victim of this. The system wants us all in debt not just because they can make a 20% profit each year on our balances (when the money costs the banks -- in many cases -- nothing), but because we are brought under a much greater degree of control -- financially, socially, and politically -- when we have so many bills to pay. We have to work so hard to pay the debt that we don't have the time or energy to become civically engaged and challenge the political system. As debt slaves, we lack the resources to oppose the status quo, and create alternative media that shows the so-called "mainstream" media to be the mind numbing organ of state and corporate propaganda and disinformation that it is.


Carl S July 28th, 2010 at 11:26 am

After all the research concerning Constitutional eligibilty, all the digging into the Birth Certificate, one thing is abundantly clear. Neither you nor I matter. We have no Constitutional standing to question this crime, we have no avenue for redress (although we did when we lived under the rule of Constitutional law). What we do have is the U.S.A. Corporation where anyone of any Nationality can be C.E.O. (Barry Soetoro). We can thank Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant, Woodrow Wilson, the Banksters, FDR, the Lawyers Guild and the (Marxist) Democratic Party. But what does all that mean to our Constitution and Bill of Rights? It means those sacred documents and the ideas they put into law have been effectively suspended. Don’t believe me? Take a look at any Federal building and tell me what flag they display inside. Hint, it isn’t Old Glory. It’s the Admiralty flag and in its presence the Constitution is not recognized. So what are we to do? You could try to fight it in there playground (the Courts). Been there, done that and it doesn’t work for us. You could plead your case to the Military who take the Oath to defend it, again, been there done that and it doesn’t work for us. Or, you can fight with the only weapon left in our arsenal. Money. I say we starve the beast. Truckers unite and stop commerce. You and I go on strike. Boycott everything but food, water, guns and ammo. The time for talk is over. The time to act is now. This is not a contrived Republican vs Democrat action, it is a Patriotic duty and responsibility we all share. Our kids and future American generations depend on us, right now. So... If not you, who? If not now? when? If not here, where?

Not willing to pinch your own purse? Welcome yourself to slavery. Too afraid to get out and march, protest en masse? You will be punishing all future generation.

Take the lead from Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick. Join me and rally arround this true Patriot… A TRUE OATH KEEPER!

We can either hang together, or, most assuradly, hang seperately.

“The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” ~ H.L. Mencken

Stewart Rhodes, esq. has no input to this equation, period.

Know your enemy and strike with overwhelming force. It’s the only path to victory. (Bastardized version of Sun Tzu)

NeitherLiberalNorConservative Reply: July 29th, 2010 at 10:16 am

Carl S -

I checked out some of your site. Alex doesn’t go too deeply into this stuff, although from time to time he’ll have a caller bringing it up. This really does take us to the bottom of the rabbit hole, how the US is NOT a Constitutional Republic anymore, but rather a corporate entity where the Constitution is no longer in force, and where we the citizens are now possessions of the corporations, and not sovereigns as the Constitution and Bill of Rights declare.

Is there a PayPal button to contribute to Fitzpatrick’s situation. The court and grand jury in that Tennessee town are brazenly corrupt.


Carl S Says: July 29th, 2010 at 11:56 am

The PayPal and mailing address can be found at .

Yes, you’re right, this cuts through all the BS and gets us focused on the true nature of the fight. Alex is well aware of the U.S.A. Corporation but as yet has not identified it as the one and only reason we are all being fractionalized and marginalized. NWO, Bildebergs, Chemtrails, immigration, etc.., are all removed and rectified when the head of the snake is removed. The snake being POTUS Corporation and CONgress. As soon as We the People are brought up to speed and focused on this we can achieve our remedy. Restoration and a return to the pre-civil war Constitution. As I’ve stated before, The Declaration of Independence guarantees us all, regardless of color, freedom and liberty. Our maker created us equal, period. Every amendment after the original 13th is NULL and VOID since they all are part and parcel of installing this foreign and alien form of government. Many are now acting selfishly and attempting to regain their soveriegn status based on the above. It can be done but does nothing to restore our Republic. Recoginizing the bigger picture and basing your actions upon that can only unify our efforts and bring about the change we’ve all clamored for. My focus is honed, razor sharp, upon the whetstone of desire. The desire to secure freedom and liberty for my kids, your kids and all future generations. Join with me in this, most noble, fight.



"Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living." ~ Mother Jones

From Mountain Community Radio: "Mary Harris Jones was born in Ireland in 1830. She and her husband were living in Memphis when he and their four children perished in a yellow fever epidemic in 1867. After a quarter-century of quiet widowhood, she embarked on a most unlikely path. She reinvented herself as “Mother Jones,” a colorful and very public advocate for the emerging movement to organize the working class. She devoted the rest of her long life to this cause. By the time of her death in 1930 she had become a nationally famous organizer, an advocate, a gadfly, and a tireless force rallying the dispossessed and taunting the powerful. Beginning with the Haymarket Affair of 1894, she was in the thick of almost every major strike and organizing drive in the nation. She had a special affinity with coal miners, working in famous strikes in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Colorado. In her lifetime she was widely known, both loved and hated, a status she relished. As she began to slow down (around 1922) she dictated her memoirs, which were published in 1925 as The Autobiography of Mother Jones. The book recounts her adventures in stirring detail and conveys the energy, passion, and moral commitment that kept her going."


Wikipedia - Mary Harris Jones aka "Mother Jones"


Now I know y'all mean well sending me those news articles about the TSA setting up roadblocks in Tennessee to search people in cars and in bus stations, but let me tell y'all something, & y'all write this down in your book. Until SOMEBODY says "NO!" they will keep on doing this stuff, & so far, none of y'all will say no. You'll let 'em search your car without a warrant because you want to finish your trip on time or your kids are with you or your wife has supper on the stove at home. Until y'all plant your feet square on the ground, get out of your car and lock it and refuse to have it searched for lack of due cause, and go to jail for a day or a week or a month & risk them beating you up if you have to because that's the only way you can enforce your rights, the TSA and the government will continue to ignore and steal your ancient rights, rights older than Magna Carta.

Ask any lawyer: without a Belligerent Claimant in Person, no rights exist. You have no rights you are not willing to enforce YOURself. No such thing as a Milquetoast Claimant In Person, begging government agents to please act nice & observe his rights. Hell will freeze over with ice six inches thick and icicles before that happens.

Did the British leave the colonies because the Americans asked 'em real nice? Somebody has to say "NO!" Till you're ready to do that, might as well get used to wearing that steel collar round your neck & pulling out your papers fast and respectful-like.

From Franklin Sanders' "The Money Changer" October 21, 2011 (pdf) (external link)


























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