Kundalini And Cell Towers

Reflections on spirituality, politics, culture, sex, and electromagnetic radiation.

1) A potential for spiritual liberation lies within the human body, a potential that threatens communists, statists, technocrats, and Satanists, groups that are bent on dominating humanity. 2) The nation's electrical power grid is vulnerable to attack and grants excessive power to centralizing forces. It also creates disturbing alternating current 60 Hz, as well as "dirty" byproduct frequencies in the KHz, MHz and GHz ranges that rebound off the ionosphere and pollute the planet. Small, local, sustainable, direct current electricity production is more resilient and biocompatible. 3) We are experiencing great tree die-offs, and in their place, in many instances now, are cellular towers disguised as artificial trees that are capable of operating at field strengths 1000s of times greater than what is needed for communication. Dark technologies are embedded in these structures allowing government, corporate, and other interests to track and record all movement and communications within miles of them, creating a vast database called, "The Internet of Things" that poses a threat to human health and civil liberties worldwide. At the proper frequency and field strength, these towers can kill. Short of that, these towers cause thousands of harmful biological effects on plants and animals, including damage to our DNA (*) that the corporate-controlled science community ignores due to its primary mission of control and profit. We are unwitting test subjects in the rollout of this not only unproven but demonstrably harmful technology. 4) The Illuminati, expressed in the occultic vision of the all-seeing eye atop the pyramid, requires the subjugation of the great preponderance of humanity. God's call -- e.g., the fullest expression of our DNA and evolution's quest for freedom on every level -- requires that we upend this pyramid so that all may awaken. 5) The idolatry associated with the media's treatment of political figures leads to impaired critical thinking skills and reflexive obedience. The framers of the US Constitution stated that only a politically enlightened, well-informed population capable of intelligent, respectful, and vigorous debate would be able to keep their freedom. 6) Under the guise of "saving the planet," a pervasive global spraying program is underway. The servants of this program believe they are applying "sunscreen" to protect the planet from the sun, but as is the case with most Western approaches to (alleged) problems, the cure is worse than the disease. The ozone layer is being destroyed by this high altitude pollution, the soil is turning alkaline, moisture is being held in suspension due to an excess of rain forming nuclei, and the heavy metal nanoparticles (principally aluminum, barium, and strontium) and other agents in the debris fill the air column, harming the respiratory and cognitive functioning of all life, not to mention blotting out the sun's life giving rays. The excess bioavailable heavy metals we are inhaling increases our resonance with damaging cellular radiation. The oxygen production and carbon sequestration function of terrestrial plants and sea plankton have dropped precipitously in the last decade. Pathogens and disease thrive in darkened, low O2 environments. Aluminum nanoparticles, proven to be the primary component in the spraying, function as airborne dessicants as well as fire accelerants, causing forest fires to burn hotter and faster. This material also toxifies the soils, killing beneficial microbes and causing plant root systems to stop uptake of nutrients to avoid contamination. The blanket of high altitude nanoparticles bind with rising O2, preventing it from reaching and recharging the ozone layer, thus causing a drastic rise in ultraviolet radiation -- including UVC -- hitting the ground, damaging the plant and animal life that dwell therein. It doesn't help that employees of NOAA and the National Weather Service have signed non-disclosure agreements (*) and thus are not free to reveal the crimes their agencies are engaged in. 7) Democide is the greatest threat to humanity, with governments having killed over 260 million of their own citizens in the last century alone. When someone says, "Let's leave it up to the government," be fearful. It is unwise to vest too much power in a central authority. This is why the founders of the US were against standing armies, as they would, over time, become threats to the domestic peace. 8) Governments are the greatest threat to our freedoms. It is not some "other" guy, the enemy across the way. No, it is a threat from within our very own walls. This is because special interests and sociopaths (that statistically make up 4% of the population) aspire to the machinery of government and climb as high as they can to further their own agendas, using government's monopoly of force to compel the citizenry to comply with whatever rules or interests they seek to advance. As I write this in 2017, the past eight years have seen the least transparent administration in US history, with the greatest attacks on whistleblowers ever, despite Obama's campaigning on transparency and Constitutional adherence. 9) A mural scene from the Denver International Airport depicting aerosol spraying, mass death, and the triumph of communism. Powerful occult groups that many of the world's elites have sworn allegiance to telegraph their intentions to the world via such symbolism. It's part of a broader psychological operation by which the people of the world will be mentally conditioned for -- and therefore more willingly submit to -- the future that the elites have designed for them (*). 10) With the rise of the surveillance state, Big Brother is watching all of us. Knowing what everyone is doing and thinking in real time gives elites greater ability to predict and to control the future. They can amass wealth with insider knowledge of economic trends and derail social movements with the vast yet granular knowledge they have access to. It is highly undemocratic and will lead to authoritarianism or, as some call it, a technocratic police state. 11) There is a subtle energy system aligned with the endocrine system that is awakened and crystallized through spiritual practice. Much of humanity is unaware of this, and if the Satanic occultists have their way, this process and potential will be thwarted and kept hidden from the masses. 12) We need spiritual teachers. They remind us of our deeper purpose. Wholesomeness and innocence should radiate from someone who is enlightened or deeply committed to a path of universal liberation.


Introduction / Overview


This is an autobiographical website exploring my personal spiritual views and experiences. Inside you will find detailed entries regarding the events of kundalini awakening, heart chakra opening, and a host of other signs and symptoms of kundalini arousal.

I make the case for the onset of the potentially disabling condition of electrical sensitivity (ES) -- an illness where people develop skin rashes, depression, heart rhythm irregularities, sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment, and many other symptoms and adverse reactions when exposed to manmade electromagnetic field (EMF) -- as a kundalini condition. I myself have been medically diagnosed electrically sensitive.

I argue throughout this website that if the conditions for human potential and spiritual growth are going to improve, then a broad social and political transformation of human society will be required. Environmental stressors need to be reduced. People need to be able to live comfortably -- and without fear. And so forth.

Over time I have grown more concerned with mounting political and financial attacks on our freedom. I believe very strongly that the emerging US police state -- unrestrained by the Constitution or rule of law and populated increasingly by a medicated and subservient slave class -- does not promote the development of higher human potential. Freedom begins at the most gross level. The emancipation of human consciousness requires the adequate provision of shelter, physical safety, emotional safety, economic opportunity, and positive social cohesion. Kundalini does not arise in a vacuum. Spirit's manifestation in the human body is hindered by a multitude of poisons besetting humankind today: heavy metals sprayed into the air high above us as a means of weather modification, HAARP amplification, and population control; water fluoridation (*) and spiking the water supply with lithium and pharaceutical drugs to reduce IQ and make us docile; a genetically engineered and monocropped food supply to make us sterile, forcing a billion small farmers off their land, and enabling the corporate control of humanity's most vital resource; increasing radiation leakage from nuclear power generation because the transhumanist elites do not care about the viability and sustainability of the Earth's ecosystems and think it's fine to create a poisoned planet because they intend to merge with machines and escape to the stars; and many others.

This is an advanced site. If your background is primarily one of mainstream state/corporate media and a literalist's interpretation of the Bible, the Quran, or any other "received" (as opposed to personally verified) wisdom, you should start with an excellent primer like Spirituality for Dummies. Read it twice then return. Your sharpened discernment will make this site more accessible to you.

A note about anonymity. I have been a special education teacher in the public school systems of Hawaii and California for twenty-eight years. When I first posted this information in 2002, I did so under my real name. I don't have any qualms about sharing my beliefs. There is nothing I am unwilling to talk about. In fact, I am drawn to discuss issues that trigger strong responses. I seek to shed light onto areas that are knotted in pent up energy (i.e., ignorance). Discussing kundalini, the drift toward fascism worldwide, the spiritual function of orgasm, the harnessing of sexual energy for spiritual development, and corporate-government conspiracies to destroy our health and intelligence can become a problem if your are reliant on said corrupt government to pay your salary. Hence, my decision now to be anonymous, until such time that I am financially independent and can afford to disregard what a would-be employer thinks about me, or what kind of "face" my writings give to the compulsory, state-run educational system that US citizens are subjected to.

I welcome you to the Kundalini and Cell Towers website. I hope you will take some time to check it out.


Website Keyword Summary


This is the spiritual autobiography -- personal story/ experience -- of an unnamed public school teacher residing in California. The main purpose of this site is to describe the various conditions and experiences associated with the awakening and advanced development of the kundalini force, described in yogic literature as a latent energy/ evolutionary potential embedded or "coiled" at the base of the spine.

I describe the impact of several spiritual masters and spiritually-inclined intellectuals upon my thinking. Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Gopi Krishna, Ramana Maharshi, Tukaram, Ken Wilber, Robert N. Bellah, and David Ulansey have all played important roles in my spiritual and intellectual development.

I also use this site to sing praise to my mother, who shall also go unnamed, who has from my earliest memories been a source of inspiration to me.

I argue that an enlightenment of the central nervous system -- via the ascending current of kundalini -- is both escapist and vastly inferior compared to the phenomenon of whole body enlightenment, a state that includes an awesome awakening to love, groundedness, social relationship, and electromagnetic sensitivity. I argue that whole body enlightenment involves the radical descension of the shakti or kundalini force along the frontal meridians/ chakras/ nerve plexuses of the human body. I argue that it is only through the whole body harnessing of this awesome force of God/ Spirit that the full spiritual involvement of the peripheral nervous system, brachial plexus, solar plexus, heart muscle, and entire cellular structure of the human body can be accomplished. I argue that this same grounding by kundalini's descending force completes the circuit of subtle energy in the human body.

I argue that the ultimate spiritual role of the heart and the rest of the endocrine system -- the pancreas, pituitary, thymus, thyroid, pineal, prostate, testicles, and ovary glands -- only manifests in the state of whole body enlightenment.

I argue the preeminence of the path of bhakti yoga -- of love and worldly involvement -- over paths of asceticism or denial.

I argue that the fulfillment of spiritual aspiration and idealism is most fully expressed in a world view/ spiritual quest that acknowledges/ embraces every level and dimension of gross reality -- this world of "maya," suffering, and illusion. I argue that whole body enlightenment involves the fulfillment of everything -- our hearts, our aspirations, our bones, our self-esteem, and our quest to achieve victory over the limitations inherent in our material, incarnate states.

I present commentary and criticism regarding just about everything my mind has thought or reflected upon: movies, art, magazine articles, spiritual authorities, trivial personal issues, work place experiences, social relationships, political problems, sexuality, the environment, dreams, books, and those signs and symptoms of kundalini awakening, spiritual awakening, and whole body enlightenment of which I have direct knowledge.

I also describe at length my condition of electrical sensitivity (ES), which is also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic field (EMF) hypersensitivity. I argue that a hormonal secretion of the heart muscle, which is only fully activated in the state of whole body enlightenment, is responsible for the vast and incredible orientation of human consciousness to the entire spectrum of electromagnetic energy. I argue that this hormonal, kundalini-driven transformation of the human body is promulgated through the thymus gland and the peripheral nervous, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.

I argue that the terms "kundalini," "grace," and "spirit" are identical in meaning. However, I prefer to use the terms "kundalini process" and "kundalini awakening" as opposed to "spiritual awakening" to describe my experience because of the more clearly articulated and more explicitly experiential nature of the Hindu and yogic accounts of this developmental phenomenon. I argue that "spiritual awakening" is an inexact and broadly defined term that describes any number of more minor deepenings in one's relationship to Spirit. "Kundalini awakening," on the other hand, is a specific -- and I would argue, medical -- term to describe the triggering of a powerful and inexorable evolutionary mechanism of physiological adaptation to Spirit upon and within the body.

I argue that a path of true spirituality leads to heart centered consciousness and a full awakening and opening of the heart chakra.

I argue that God's purpose -- the final, evolutionary and spiritual intent of Creation -- is the spiritual transfiguration of all matter in the universe. I argue that God's desire is to have all matter dissolve into Spirit. Though it may take billions of years, this endpoint is approached through the agency of individual life forms throughout the universe who seek and find the release of all atomic and karmic bonds through divine transfiguration. This ultimate emancipation of life and matter into a state of pure consciousness is a spiritual milestone and evolutionary state that few humans have accomplished. I cite Tukaram, a Hindu saint from the 1500's, as one of the few people on record to have been liberated via spiritual transfiguration -- this whole body ascension into light.

I argue that the human form, through the perceptual augmentation made possible by the processes set into motion by whole body enlightenment, becomes radically aware of a broad range of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum -- from the earth's magnetic field to which the brain is entrained, up through the visible light spectrum, some trillions of times more rapid in vibration.

I argue that through a mysterious and incredible augmentation of the human nervous system and endocrine system, that direct access to Spirit is possible, with that energy flowing directly into the body via the solar plexus and transformed by the pancreas gland into an energy source that can actually physiologically sustain the body in a miraculous state of enlightenment with little or no need for material food. I argue that this subtle EMF consciousness is associated with a state of spiritual and energetic superconductivity.

I argue that the human physiological capacity to draw spiritual sustenance directly from the ethers about us is at the same time unable to discriminate Pure Consciousness from the contagion of manmade electromagnetic pollution that blankets the earth with million-fold greater intensity than just one generation ago. I make the analogy that this spiritual mechanism's adverse reaction of not being able to discriminate healing subtle energy from toxic manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is akin to the response of the human respiratory system where the lungs -- were they compelled to breath solely from the tailpipe of a fossil fuel combustion engine -- would not be able to discriminate free oxygen from carbon monoxide and other poisons; rather than adapting to and effectively filtering the sickening air, the human being would suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, lung cancer and, ultimately, death.

I argue that all EMF shielding devices on the market -- pendants, crystals, metals, magnets, electronic devices, and so forth -- fail miserably to protect the human nervous system from its assault by manmade EMF. I argue that the only solution to this unfolding environmental and spiritual catastrophe is to clear the Earth's atmosphere of manmade electromagnetic radiation.

Finally, I make the case, in hundreds of posts, that the only way to support sustainable wide-spread access to the spiritual phenomena of kundalini awakening, heart chakra opening, whole body enlightenment, and spiritual transfiguration is to raise the quality of the social, familial, emotional, sexual, intellectual, economic, occupational, material, environmental and political circumstances that people find themselves in.

In other words, I argue that the path to God involves considerable time and trudging through the brambles and swamps of the human world, for God and Heaven are, ultimately, not other than the very world we human beings occupy.




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