MRI Experience - Current Status - Recovery - Implications For Non-Spiritually Awakened Individuals - Subtle Energy Sensitivity

Details my correspondence with a woman regarding my MRI experience, my current status, whether I'd experienced any recovery of my former subtle energy sensitivity, and the implications of undergoing magnetic resonance imaging for non-spiritually awakened individuals.

Website Correspondnce - July 9, 2004

*2004.7.9. Friday.

"N" wrote to me today with some questions regarding whether I thought an MRI examination would harm her. She also wanted to know whether I'd recovered from my 1994 MRI experience.

I responded:

I'm nuts, Sister, so let's start with that.

Second, the machine's being problematic on the level of consciousness is not something that most people will experience. If your heart chakra isn't open like I've described, and if you aren't presently electrically sensitive, then I doubt you will sustain any longterm damage.

Sure, manmade EMF is a hazard, but it's only one source out of thousands of chemical, social, and other environmental stressors in the world today.

You (and your doctor) will have to weigh this: Will a greater good be achieved by your obtaining the therapy/diagnosis (from the MRI) that you want?

If your bodymind is not functioning in the heightened manner that I've described in my own case, I am fairly certain that no lasting damage will occur. That is, enlightenment, spiritual growth, physiological health, et cetera still will be very much possible for you.

But note that I don't recommend your living in or near such a machine! There are a wide-range of (mostly minor) biological effects associated with exposure to MRIs. But I don't believe that any of these will result in longterm harm to your health.

No, I have not fully recovered from that one short exposure to MRI radiation and magnetism. Cognitively my functioning is adequate, but not what it should/could be. In terms of this spiritual conductivity (that few authorities support me on) that I describe, the MRI had lasting damage. But the greater problem for me these days is my broader sensitivity to the entire range of manmade radiation in our environment -- especially radio and microwaves. I can feel antennas from over ten miles away. Big fun... :-(

In my present state, I am not able to differentiate between the lasting damage of the MRI and the ongoing physiological and cognitive damage that I experience from my day-to-day exposure to ambient manmade electromagnetic radiation.

In any event, I would expect your body's reaction to be not nearly so severe as mine.

I hope this short note has answered a few of your questions.

I wish you best of luck in your pursuit of health and fulfillment!



There is genetic and nerve tissue damage from only minor exposure to manmade EMF. The effects are cumulative, and likely contribute to a wide range of maladies. But disease may not appear for decades. And, again, this is only one poison in our environment among many. You may have bigger stressors to worry about -- eg., chemical exposures at your workplace, or a violent spouse.

Nonionizing radiation (the frequencies we use in MRIs and microwave ovens) does cause genetic damage. For example, take a look at these timelapse photos where you can literally SEE that cell phone radiation at the 2.45 GHz frequency is able to break DNA bonds (pdf). (More from RF Safe here (pdf) and here (pdf).) Such DNA effects are thought to lead to genetic mutation and cognitive impairment.

I did an internet search for "genetic damage, non ionizing radiation" and found numerous articles, among which are the following.

From the Indian Journal of Human Genetics: "Genetic damage in mobile phone users: some preliminary findings:" (pdf)

"BACKGROUND: The impact of microwave (MW)/radio frequency radiation (RFR) on important biological parameters is probably more than a simply thermal one. Exposure to radio frequency (RF) signals generated by the use of cellular telephones have increased dramatically and reported to affect physiological, neurological, cognitive and behavioural changes and to induce, initiate and promote carcinogenesis. Genotoxicity of RFR has also been reported in various test systems after in vitro and/or in vivo exposure but none in mobile phone users. AIMS: In the present study, DNA and chromosomal damage investigations were carried out on the peripheral blood lymphocytes of individuals using mobile phones, being exposed to MW frequency ranging from 800 to 2000 MHz. METHODS: DNA damage was assessed using the single cell gel electrophoresis assay and aneugenic and clastogenic damage by the in vivo capillary blood micronucleus test (MNT) in a total of 24 mobile phone users. RESULTS: Mean comet tail length (26.76 ± 0.054 mm; 39.75% of cells damaged) in mobile phone users was highly significant from that in the control group. The in vivo capillary blood MNT also revealed highly significant (0.25) frequency of micronucleated (MNd) cells. CONCLUSIONS: These results highlight a correlation between mobile phone use (exposure to RFR) and genetic damage and require interim public health actions in the wake of widespread use of mobile telephony.

Keywords: DNA damage; micronuclei; microwaves; peripheral blood lymphocytes"

In a bland outline of "Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation" (pdf) put out by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, we find that nonionizing radiation promotes cancer; has behavioral, central nervous system, and reproductive system effects; and requires further research.

Here is an internet search for "genetic damage" at Microwave News.


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