San Gabriel Mountains National Monument - Alimony Truck Trail - Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness - Juniper Hills - Photos - Pictures - 2005-2016

Photos taken along the Alimony Truck Trail, Brainard Canyon, Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness, and Littlerock Creek. Alimony Truck Trail is the 4N15 Forest Service access road that connects to Sulfur Springs, Alder Saddle, and Mount Pacifico (7124'). It's a desolate, shadeless tract that is a favorite haunt for local dirt bikers and off road vehicle enthusiasts. Occassionally the Forest Service tries to re-fortify the no motorized vehicle entry gate at its northern entrance, but the locals just tear it down again within a few days, or create new detours around the gates and signs, only to emerge on the other side with miles of wilderness to explore.

Photos/Pictures/Photographs - November 2005

Map of San Gabriel Mountains National Monument established 2014 (pdf). Wikipedia. Visitor Guide 2016.

Cloud above 6388' Bare Mountain in the San Gabriel Wilderness. That's Pacifico Mountain (7100' +) to the right in the distance. It's rare these days to see natural clouds without a layer of chemtrails above them. 6/27/2013.

Two movies from March 28,2016: Chemtrails and natural clouds above Alimony Truck Trail (:54); Yellow desert wildflowers in San Gabriel Mountains (1:06).

Frog on rock in Littlerock Creek, at its intersection with Alimony Truck Trail at the Little Sycamore Campground. I sat on this rock for a while in the sun. The amphibian was soaking up the rock's warmth. 4/2/2016.

Cattails have overgrown in this now-brackish creek in the San Gabriel Mountains. The unusual warmth, lack of rain, and chemical disturbance of our atmosphere have caused the sycamores to die off, to be replaced by lesser plant life such as cattails. The mistletoe parasites take over like a virulent cancer. This is the Little Sycamore Campground, that used to be open to the public before Agenda 21 kicked in across the planet with its stated goal of packing everyone into high-tech irradiated cities, plugged into their handheld Internet gadgets 24/7, and forsaking the spiritual replenishment available only in natural places. Clifford Carnicom, of Carnicom Instutute, has evidence that the atmospheric pollution is seeded with mold and lab-produced synthetic life forms that take root in mammals and are activated by manmade EMF waves. 3/30/2016 and 4/2/2016.

Danger in the mountains. I may have seen this small deer a few months earlier with one of its parents. I had gone hiking along Alimony Truck Trail a week before these shots and it was starting to rain slightly. There were no hoof prints or deer remains at that time. But a few days later I was hiking again, and I tracked the deer from near Littlerock Creek up the forest service road 2 miles or so, and found this leg and hoof at the end of the track. It was a good ambush point, with thick shrubs and an animal path leading up out of the area. It was sobering to see this, as I've been hiking this area for 10 years and have never seen a deer carcass. I was mystified by the lack of predator tracks nearby. Howdid the deer die? Obviously he did not dismember himself. In 2005-2006 when I was last living in Littlerock, I saw herds of deer, 10-15 strong, foraging near Alimony Truck Trail (or Alimony Road) in the winter, perhaps coming down from the higher elevations they frequent in the summer. But over time the numbers have dropped precipitously. Where are this youngster's father and mother? Ominously, this same day I returned to a shaded spot that I often rest at on the way up, only to find a new mountain lion paw print that was not there 3 hours earlier. I had had my backpack and shirt off, dousing myself with water, urinating, and drinking my fill. It's not clear to me where the 200+ pound predator could have been hiding. I have a size 14 EE wide foot, and yet the print dwarfs mine. I do not enjoy being tracked by an animal like this. It is recommended that people not hike alone, that children (or smaller people) do not trail behind you, and that you make a 360º check of your surroundings frequently. Studies have shown that predators are less likely to attack if the prey is vigilant. That is, if a mountain lion knows you are on the lookout, and not just sleep-walking through the mountains, your chances of survival improve considerably. Near where the deer tracks begin, I took two shots of a rattlesnake. Snakes often come out late in the day to warm up on roads like this. 4/2/2016.

This is the shaded spot that I rested at on the way up Alimony Road. I was not pleased to find a large mountain lion track right here on the way back from my destination of Littlerock Creek. Shade is a valuable commodity in the desert, especially as drought and mistletoe are decimating the larger plant species. 4/2/2016.
Twice I was passed by a group of 8-10 young dirt bike guys. They rendezvoused at Little Sycamore Campground and then headed back up Alimony Road to explore trails over Alimony Ridge and elsewhere.

Solar Radiation Management above the San Gabriel Wilderness of Southern California. In the second picture you can see the thin lines of aerosols. The third and fifth pictures depict the haze that blankets the mountains after heavy spraying. Carnicom notes the increased mortality in areas of denser air particulate concentration. Even the apparently natural clouds in pic #4 have aerosol lines above them. I don't trust even "natural" appearing clouds until 3-4 days of no spraying as it takes that long for the metal particulates to completely settle out. 3/30/2016 and 4/2/2016.


Yellow desert wildflowers. If you know the name of this plant species, please send me an email and I will update. 3/28/2016 and 4/2/2016.

I am always happy to see non-poisonous snakes. Unfortunately, rattlesnakes appear best suited to the extreme climate here. 3/28/2016.

This is what I come here for: blue skies, white clouds, and endless views. Unfortunately, as pristine as this might appear, there is concentrated particlate matter (visible as a white haze lower to the ground in the distance) that remains from the preceding days' intense aerosol bombardment. I dream of what Nature could do -- the splendors it could reveal -- if not constantly undermined by the military-industrial-scientific-eugenicist, hubris-filled establishment. The small mountains in the distance are California's Saddleback Butte State Park. 3/30/2016

Three agaves in bloom against blue sky, Alimony Truck Trail. 5/15/2016

Perhaps the largest horny toad I've come across. He let me pet him, using my index finger to stroke from the back of his neck to the beginning of his tail. Very cool critter. 5/15/2016.

Golden Eagle at the intersection of Alimony Truck Trail and Littlerock Creek. His wingspan must have been six feet or more. He lifted from the brush as I rounded a bend, dropping a ground squirrel from his talons as he did so. It would have been an exceptional day except I slipped on the decomposed granite in a highly rutted section of the trail and straight armed into the ground, injuring both wrists and elbows, including a hairline fracture in my left ulna. A month later I still have to be careful with the arm. I can't weight-bear yet. Note to self: Be more aware of where you're walking, especially if there is a steep rut/gully to your right that you can fall into. 5/15/2016.

What should be pristine blue skies in the remote Southern California high desert are now obliterated by suffocating heavy metals injected by Satanic occultists and self-serving deluded order-followers, poisoning the breathable air column and killing off 90% of insects and beneficial soil micro-organisms. Bird and fish populations are way down. Are human beings next in this pandemic of grim reaping? Pictures taken along Alimony Truck Trail, part of the San Gabriel Wilderness. Note the deadly parasitic mistletoe blight killing off yet another woody chaparral plant (*). Soon there will be no shade whatsoever in this area as established plants succumb to pathogens that thrive in such toxic environments. March 19, 2017. California Chaparral Facts (*).

2017.3.19. 3 minute video of chemtrails above Antelope Valley, as well as closeups of parasitic mistletoe killing more chaparral in the fragile high desert.

2017.3.19: Ten minute video taken while laying down near the crest of the Alimony Truck Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains. Highlights of monologue: Heavy metal spraying causing overcast conditions in what used to be known as the Blue Sky Country of the Southern California High Desert. Depressed about Trump's firing National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, who wanted to arrest the DC pedophiles and make peace with Russia, and has since handed over the nation's foreign policy to ruthless neocons bent on world domination. There is a continuity in Satanic purpose that connects perpetual war, child sacrifice, and the injection of nanoparticulate heavy metals into the breathable air column of our planet. This monstruous disregard of life is a sacrament to Moloch, or Lucifer, the deity that the membership of this occult group worship. This massive, global chemtrails program is a literal salting of the earth -- to what ends I don't know, although depopulation must be front and center. Some comments on an extraordinary episode of the SGTreport (ILLUMINATI NWO SATANIC DEATH CULT EXPOSED) (*). There is a growing chance that nuclear war will occur between the major powers. Should I relocate to the southern hemisphere that will be spared the bulk of the nuclear fallout due to prevailing planetary air currents? Should I join the elites in southern Chile, southern Argentina, and New Zealand, where many are relocating to now? What is with the crazy interest in Antarctica, where there are warm spots capable of supporting life all year around due to volcanic activity, and the rumored remains of an alien extraterrestrial species? Many of the world's leaders, including the Catholic Pope, have made pilgrimmages to Antarctica recently, with the Pope making unusual pronouncements that aliens can receive the sacrament. Antarctica might be the safest place to be if widespread planetary war breaks out, along with economic collapse and mass migrations of the planet's 7 billion people. Civil war and death squads could be visited upon the United States, as they have in most other countries where death cults have risen to power. Should I cut my losses and leave? South America does not have a history of respecting human rights. But if the US is spraying its citizens to death (mortality rates are rising for the first time in over 100 years), what does that say regarding the supposed noble mission of "Pax Americana?" I am not looking foward to a world where autism was nearly non-existent, and now major universities are predicting that half of all children will suffer from this central nervous system disorder within the next 20 years. Sure, as a special education teacher this means job security, but it would not be a world I would inhabit voluntarily.




Pics taken along Alimony Truck Trail in the San Gabriel Wilderness of Southern California. Every "cloud" you see is the result of aerosol injection of nanoparticulates by military craft high above. This material blocks health-giving sunlight and destroys the ozone layer. Sometimes in these remote areas I see photographers grab images of these clouds, especially at sunset, finding them beautiful. Knowing of the harmful fallout we are inhaling with every breath, all I feel is disgust when I see these "clouds." Microwave transmissions are evident in some of dusk shots. Includes two shots of a passing helicopter. 12/24/2017.

Video (344 MB, 6:02) taken along Alimony Truck Trail in the San Gabriel Wilderness with a variety of commentary. Heavy metal spraying; vandalism of Forest Service gates; casualties of parasitic mistletoe infestation that was not here 10 years ago and is enabled by woody shrubs' and trees' compromised immune systems; Bare Mountain; how Littlerock Creek is infested with cattails and is no longer swimmable due to algae and weeds that were not here ten years ago when it was colder and it rained more; how aluminum is a dessicant and a fire accelerant; DEWs, or directed energy weapons, employed by US government against its own citizens. 12/24/2017.




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