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2014.5.11. Predators (2010). Amazon. Wikipedia.

Predators (2010) DVD covers.

I watched Predators (2010) last night. It was about how the alien "predator" creatures magically whisk away some of Earth's biggest bad asses and land them on another planet that they use as their private hunting grounds. The Predators kill humans for sport. But they get more than they bargained for as a couple of humans are still alive after the last Predator is killed. The human group includes various trained killers from the military and organized crime.

The only way to enjoy the movie was to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the battle strategies and personal interactions among the various tough guys, gals, and alien dog creatures and predators. Thinking beyond this limted scope brought up too many unanswerable questions regarding the plausibility of any of this.

What did I like? I liked the various booby traps and self-defense measures taken by the combatants. In the modern world people have gotten too soft. It's important to at least fantasize about what it takes to survive under adversity. In a survival situation you find that not everyone makes it out alive. Adrien Brody's character (an ex-black ops guy) makes the call that Danny Trejo (drug cartel guy) is in a trap that will kill them all if they rescue him, so he decides to let him die rather than save him. Alice Braga (Guatemalan death squad survivor) shoots him to give him a merciful death (though we find that he was already dead, and that the calls for help in his own voice were being made by a nearby Predator). Another character is injured and then booby trapped to kill a Predator. We find that he was a bad guy and not deserving of life anyway, but still it was a difficult decision to make so that others could survive. A couple of characters go on suicide missions to kill Predators and are successful, though they too died in the process. This kind of heroism, though deadly, has its inspiration.

What didn't I like? How did these omniscient Predators know who the baddest people on Earth are so that they could bring them in a flash of light to another solar system's planet? Only Godlike powers could know that a guy on death row in a federal prison for rape should be selected as "game." Apparently, every few weeks more "game" are dropped via parachutes over the alien planet to be hunted. All the characters remember is a burst of light but nothing else about their instantaneous transfer across millions of light years. If the creatures are so powerful as to move effortlessly across the universe, wouldn't their tastes and pasttimes evolve as well? Would they still be addicted to such base acts of sadism and domination? That is a scary thought. Some people argue that the nuclear weaponized humanity of 2014 is no more evolved than the Neanderthals of past eons. I used to think that the brutality of the Middle Ages with its witch burnings and mass killings of tribal peoples was a thing of the past. But then I see our heavy metal ladened skies and the genetic altering of our food supply and I know that not only has nothing changed, but things have gotten worse. The characters were pretty much two-dimensional. But what do you expect in a videogame-like movie? I prefer more depth and intelligence in my science fiction. This movie was more of an action/horror flick. I learned about a plant that secreted a paralyzing fluid; but how was the doctor so familiar with it if this was truly an alien planet? It's best not to ask.

What's the spiritual angle here? The movie was a waste of my time, and that I took a couple of precious hours to watch it is evidence of there being multiple things in my life that I don't want to look at or deal with. The movie, at least for me, resulted in a loss of spiritual reserves. The hope is that by numbing myself that the pain is eased; but it is not. Unattended to, the pain deepens. The movie, I suppose, does make a case for Maslowe's hierarchy: That is, you won't be meditating or self-actualizing when "Predators" (used as a metaphor for anything bringing you down) are attacking you. If you want to grow and make the world a better place, then such dark antagonists much be dealt with squarely and dispensed with.

My mind has grown increasingly distracted and bored the last few years. I rarely take the time to comment on anything. I am glad that I made the time for this.


2016.9.16. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). DC Comics. Wikipedia.

It took me about a week to slog through this movie. It was dark and uninspiring. More and more movies are rendering fictional and cartoonish the divine potentials within the human body. We live in a world populated by obese voyeurs affixed to their couches, whose spiritual aspirations are reduced to objectified, digitized images that can be viewed at one's convenience while eating genetically modified teevee dinners full of artificial texturizers and taste enhancers. The bifurcation of our species is taking place, just as Julian Huxley, the blue blood globalist, predicted. There will be a stunted, ugly, stupid population of sheeple; and there will be the supermen, History's Actors, who will appear Christ-like and genius by comparison. It is the latter people who will be taught that the media is a lie, that public education is a joke, and that modern agricultural and animal husbandry methods are unsound -- but that all these and other deceits are necessary for the subordination of the underclass. These "elites" will be trained to accept the pseudo-science of eugenics where there is no such thing as "Truth," and where science and public policy are reduced to Machievellian tools, whose principle function is to maintain the top 1/10th of 1 percent's power and control of the upper class. It's intentional and Godless. In such a world beauty and innocense are no longer possible.

There are a handful of things about the movie worth criticizing. First was its use of propaganda to support the lie we were told and shown regarding 9/11. In "Batman v Superman" there was a building collapse at the beginning, the result of an alien attack upon a city. From this single collapse arises a high plume of dust that darkens several city blocks. Similarly, on 9/11 we were told that the structural failure of a steel framed building results in a 500 foot tall plume of dust that coats the city, with melted steel framing, melted filing cabinets, melted cars for a block in all directions, but with tons of unscathed office paper floating around everywhere. This is what happened on 9/11, but it is unlike any other building collapse before or since. Cinderblock buildings might kick up some dust, but that is not the case with a modern steel building. Apart from the three buildings that collapsed on 9/11/2001, there had never -- and has never -- been a structural failure of a steel framed building. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel. Explosions were heard and felt at the lowest levels of the towers prior to the planes hitting. Squibs (pressurized smoke and air from interior explosions) and later, molten metal, were seen exiting windows at numerous levels. Why was there melting and deformation of cars 50 yards away? And what about the 1000 other discrepancies (pdf) not cited here that point to the event not being due to jet fuel, or in the case of Building 7, office fire. In any event, the Batman v Superman movie shows a massive plume of dust darkening the sky from a collapsed building, something that just doesn't happen in building collapses, apart from the treasonous acts carried on 9/11. So by showing viewers such a dust plume, we are being propagandized to accept as true and normal that which is deviant and false. I liken this propaganda to Disney's insertion of chemtrails into children's movies. It's called "conditioning." Scientists studied the dust from the area and found large quantities of military grade nano-thermite (pdf), a substance that cuts though steel framing like a hot knife through butter, burning at over 4000º F. It is this substance that likely pulverized the metal framing of the WTC skyscrapers.

The movie also had some obvious lines of geoengineering aerosol spraying. Hollywood must have the public view as normal that which is not.

There are scenes where Superman kills people with a fire streaming out of his eyes. I recall as a child something about Superman's having "x-ray" vision that enables him to see through anything that doesn't have a lead lining, like the x-ray technology in vogue at the present time for diagnosing bone fractures. I never liked the idea of using something that causes genetic damage in the service of routine medical "care," but that is where we are today. There is an extended scene toward the movie's conclusion where Superman and a green humanoid creature from the planet that Superman's original genetic code came from fight in a battle to the death. Both blast each other with the power emanating from their eyes. To me it was unsettling, as the eyes, in actuality, are a source of life giving, subtle sustenance. Eyes, it is said, are windows to the soul. Innocence, wisdom, and power are present in the eyes. Eyes are not instruments of death, as the movie argues, in its obvious bias toward the militaristic death culture permeating the "advanced" modern world. Laser weapons, though banned, are used covertly on select Muslim populations by Israeli and US forces. Laser weapons from space are now operational today, with all EMF harnessed in the service of financial and political exploitation of the world's nations and peoples. It would seem that the meme of "light as death" has taken hold, the opposite of Earth's many religious creation beliefs where God, in the beginning, said, "Let there be Light," which was a very good thing and allowed Life to emerge from the primal, inorganic darkness where perhaps transcendent Spirit existed, but nothing "alive," let alone complex life forms, had yet emerged. It is fitting that in what are perhaps Man's final days, given the destructive technological forces he as unleashed, that God's laws would be inverted.

My last criticism of the movie is that viewers are shown, once again, that a few lone agents of truth control the fate of the planet. It is not collective action that will alter our course, or protect our children; rather, it is a motley crew of genetically engineered aliens from outer space that we must cede our destiny to. I find this message self-defeating. The truth of the matter is that the 4% of the population that are sociopaths have joined together to control, dominate, and ultimately exterminate the comparatively peaceful 96% of remaining human beings on planet earth. Our true enemy is the professional liar class that controls Washington D.C., the City of London, New York City, and the halls of power worldwide. These are the people who worship technology and see fit to strip earth of its biodiversity and life-giving properties. While "soft-kill" weapons descend on us all (GMO, vaccines, heavy metal nanoparticles, etc.), and our self-preservation alarms should be sounding loudly, all we hear is the soft placating messaging piped into our homes from the Satanic media -- a "message" that is the functional equivalent of the gentle "hush" whispered to cattle being sent down the slaughterhouse chute. "But I was on the government's Universal Basic Income!" exclaim the victims as another bar of soylent green is made...

According to Yahoo,"Superman derived his invulnerability from his supercharged bioelectric 'aura' which acts as an invisible 'force field' around his body within a few millimeters from his skin, and presumably within his body as well." This seems like more fantastic hype to me. Spiritually, human beings are in contact with power that is infinite. However, as physical vessels or conduits for this power, we are limited. I've made reference elsewhere to the body's being able to derive sustenance from the ethers after having achieved an advanced state of consciousness or Kundalini development. But this doesn't mean that a physical body can be maintained indefinitely, or that the physical body can avoid decay and injury. Perhaps there is a yogic state by which a bullet can be repelled. I kind of doubt that, but who knows for sure what is possible, ultimately? It is more likely that a heightened condition can be utilized to repair the body more quickly after injury.

Three yogis levitating. I think this is wishful thinking and I don't know why Transcendental Meditation (TM) practicioners make such a big deal about it. The aspirant's focus should be upon the soaring of one's inner spirit and not physical manifestations or "siddhis" of spiritual attainment like this. Maybe walking through walls and teleportation are possible; but in my opinion such feats won't be achieved if the aim of one's practice is some physical achievement like this. The greatest fruits flow to those whose deepest aspiration is love and the salvation of all beings.





2016.10.22. Ridley Scott's "The Martian" (2015).

Please remind me to review Ridley Scott's (2015) "The Martian" where artificially aerosolized skies plague the sky. The gullible masses will see this and think to themselves, "Hey, if skies look like that on Mars, then what I am seeing on Earth must be natural!" It is said that propaganda works best on moral cowards, people who want a reason to continue to deny reality.



2016. saw trailer JK Rowlings magic in NYC



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